Chris Saunders

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I know I have written about motion designer, illustrator and graphic designer Chris Saunders before but I had to do it just one more time. I visited his portfolio again the other day while looking for inspiration for motion boards and was once again totally moved by his portfolio. He has a wondrous hand when it comes to Photoshop and his use of color will melt your brain.

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Nathaniel Howe: Updates

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Los Angeles-based motion designer Nathaniel Howe has updated with a massive scroll of motion boards. Many of which are just downright beautiful with single frames that could serve as stand alone pieces of fine art.

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Jon Malkemus: Updates

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Jon Malkemus has updated with some absolutely wild motion boards. They are really fun to look at and would probably be even more so in motion.

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Silencio: Updates

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Brazilian Art Director/designer/illustrator, Atila Meireles has updated with some really wild and colorful work. The landing page of the site is every bit as quirky and cool as the last version of the site.

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Jonathan Kim

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Jonathan Kim is a freelance designer/motionographer with a small but engrossing body of work and is ready at your service for freelance work.

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Mark Kulakoff

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Motionographer and graphic designer Mark Kulakoff has updated his site with some really slick board and design work. I am always a sucker for space suits.

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David Y Chun

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David Y Chun launched his portfolio with some slick motion board work.

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Heebok Lee

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Heebok Lee has updated his portfolio with some really beautiful motion boards created for Prologue.

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Justin Blyth

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There is some nice work for both print and motion in the recently launched portfolio of Justin Blyth.

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Nathaniel Howe

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Fantastic motion boards from Los Angles-based freelance Director and Designer Nathaniel Howe.

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Ian Kim

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Ian Kim was born in Redondo Beach, California. He has lived in the US, Korea, Japan, Australia, and Canada. After completing his freshman year at the Rhode Island School of Design, he graduated from New York University in 2005 with a BFA in Film and Television. Since then, he returned to the Los Angeles area, where he works at motion design studio, Buck.”

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Tae Kim

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Beautiful design for use in motion by Tae Kim.

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Jonathan Gitlin: Relaunch

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Accomplished motionographer Jonathan Gitlin has relaunched his website and it even comes in an iPhone friendly version. Excellent work.

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