Gareth OBrien: Updates

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Talented designer, illustrator and animator Gareth O’Brian has updated with a few new and delicious projects. He’s an expert at curating his portfolio.

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Buck: Relaunch

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Powerhouse motion studio Buck relaunched last week with some spectacular new work. We spent nearly an hour last week just discussing and trying to figure out how they produced the above piece produced for Good Books. They are a huge source of inspiration to a lot of studios right now and have consistently cranked out stellar work.

…on a side note I apologize for the lack of posts lately. We are currently working on a big merger with our production studio and it’s been a little crazy lately on the ‘work’ side of things. I promise to get the ‘blog’ side back in business this week.

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Gareth OBrien

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Gareth O’Brien is a healthy part of the tasty butter spread over the bread of one of my favorite studios, Buck. A quick glance not just at his work but the presentation of his work will be enough to start the wheels turning as to why he’s an asset to Buck.

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Yker Moreno: Updates

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I’ve been a fan of Yker Moreno’s work for several years now. He keeps himself so busy at Buck that he rarely updates his portfolio much anymore. But he recently posted a few new tender nuggets of design and motion inspiration in his beloved book.

Always worth checking out.

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F5 Titles

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Buck created the titles for this year’s F5 event and it looks as though it was an incredibly involved process. I continue to be amazed at the quality of work produced for the event and it’s on my ‘must attend’ list for next year. It doesn’t hurt that I am a huge fan of Buck either. Too many people involved in this production to list here so please click here to view the entire list of credits.

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“Buck is an ordinary guy. Well, if you accept the “deer head” thing.
Today, Buck is going to spend the afternoon with his girlfriend who’s so happy to see him (she’s pretty much happy always). But when Buck finds out that her father is not the tolerant and sympathetic guy he expected, the Sunday afternoon turns really bad. Really bad. Like baaaaaaad bad.”

Directed and Produced By :
Denis Bouyer: rigamix@gmail.com
Yann De Preval: yann_de_preval@hotmail.com
Vincent E Sousa: vinz.esousa@gmail.com
Laurent Monneron: laurent.monneron@gmail.com
Sound Design: Julien Begault:  julien.begault@gmail.com
Music : Yannis Dumoutiers and Mickaël Védrine

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Buck: Smart Car

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One of my favorite motion and animation studios of all time, Buck has managed to keep banging out some extraordinary work for commercial clients and this latest spot is no exception.

Director: Buck
Creative Director: Orion Tait
Executive Producer: Anne Skopas
Producer: Kitty Dillard
Design: Gareth O’Brien / Yker Moreno
Lead Animation: Gareth O’Brien
Additional Animation: Chad Colby / Harry Teitelman / Yker Moreno / Claudio Salas /Jacques Khouri
Sound Design & Music: Antfood
VO Talent: Tirtzah Wilson
Agency: Strawberry Frog

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Buck Showreel 2010

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Oh Buck let me count the ways you inspire me. I have had the unique experience of working for an agency that hired Buck and was totally mind blown by what they produced. They are still high atop my list of the very best motion, animation and creative film studios out there. Above is plenty testimony to that fact.

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Eric Hu

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Eric Hu is a very young designer with a degree from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. He has also attended the Art Center College of Design. He’s recently done some work at Buck and was also awarded Gold from Graphis New Talent in 2010. Considering he’s just getting started, I would keep an eye on him.

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Yker Moreno: Updates

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Venezualan designer Yker Moreno who now resides in Brooklyn and works for one of my most favorite places in the whole wide world, Buck has updated with a few new projects and a new website.

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Buck: The Bravery – Slow Poison

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With only a 4 week production schedule, the phenomenally talented Buck was able to complete The Bravery’s music video for their latest single ‘Slow Poison’. The video is a psychonaut outer-to-interdimensional 70’s Space Odyssey throwback that is mind-bendingly bad ass. We have contracted buck multiple times before at the agency where I currently work, and they are much more than just remarkably talented, they are also remarkably nice people.

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Graffe: Updates

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Red hot new work in the portfolio of the uber-talented G’raffe. Outstanding motion work.

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Ian Kim

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Ian Kim was born in Redondo Beach, California. He has lived in the US, Korea, Japan, Australia, and Canada. After completing his freshman year at the Rhode Island School of Design, he graduated from New York University in 2005 with a BFA in Film and Television. Since then, he returned to the Los Angeles area, where he works at motion design studio, Buck.”

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The Beast is Back

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The Beast is Back is the work of Christopher Lee. Lee is an Los Angeles-based graphic designer, illustrator, artist and motion designer. He is one of the very fortunate people currently working for the amazing motion graphic giant Buck.

His formal education involved design but he has been drawing since he was old enough to hold a pencil and register cognitive thought. He has exhibited his art, which you can purchase at his online store, around the world in San Francisco, Taiwan, Los Angeles and Chicago.

His site was just relaunched and it is full of great work.

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