Challenge Your World

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“More than a year in the making, the list of contributors to this piece is long in deed. Challenge Your World, a project conceived by famed art director Julien Vallée and in partnership with Motionographer.com, has been running even longer. The project is meant to stretch the mind and conceive of interesting ways we could help ye old planet Earth. Specifically, we were asked to develop the story of an abstract machine that would do good in the world. Of course, every story needs a villain; ours features a maniacal monster who seeks to destroy the planet. He burns down forests with the flick of a cigarette, pisses on helpless animals, and harpoons innocent whales. He’s sick! Twisted! Our hero is a fabulous flying Helmet chalk full of tubes and gears, pinwheels and dials, microchips and suction cups. When the Helmet spots an evil-doer, it lands on his head and promptly sucks the evil critters out of his brain…a lobotomy of sorts. So, when you’re contemplating dropping that wrapper or flicking that smoke, you better look over your shoulder.”

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Changethethought Recruiting

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Changethethought is currently in the process of launching a multidisciplinary creative studio that will be providing services in the areas of graphic design, illustration, branding, web design, motion graphics and production. The studio currently consists of two partners as well as a network of Designers, Art Directors and Marketing/Advertising Specialists.

We are currently seeking to work/partner with someone specializing in the areas of Web Development and Motion Graphics. We do have these services on hand, but are looking to work closely in house with someone local in the Denver Metro or Boulder area of Colorado. We are looking for a seasoned professional with several years of experience who is interested in starting a business.

This is a genuine opportunity to be fundamental part of what will become one of Denver’s most exciting up and coming creative design and production agencies. We are already searching for and accepting projects. We realize there has been a lot of turnover in the local area creative market and this is your chance to be a part of something that is locally new with the potentiality to gain international experience. If you want to be a core member of our team as we begin our journey please email us at hire(at)changethethought.com.

We look forward to growing with you and making Denver a more talked about creative community. Lets show the world what we can do.

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Yankee Gal

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Yankee Gal is a short film directed by Celine DESRUMAUX, gary LEVESQUE, Antoine PEREZ & Francois PONS. It was made in Supinfocom during 2008. Visit the official website here: yankeegal.com

Wow is all I have to say about this. You can read more about the project including interviews with the makers at Motionographer.

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There is an all new Motionographer site online. If you have never visited, do yourself a favor and check it out. It is hands down the best blog about motion graphics on the internet and it just keeps getting better.

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