Challenge Your World

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“More than a year in the making, the list of contributors to this piece is long in deed. Challenge Your World, a project conceived by famed art director Julien Vallée and in partnership with Motionographer.com, has been running even longer. The project is meant to stretch the mind and conceive of interesting ways we could help ye old planet Earth. Specifically, we were asked to develop the story of an abstract machine that would do good in the world. Of course, every story needs a villain; ours features a maniacal monster who seeks to destroy the planet. He burns down forests with the flick of a cigarette, pisses on helpless animals, and harpoons innocent whales. He’s sick! Twisted! Our hero is a fabulous flying Helmet chalk full of tubes and gears, pinwheels and dials, microchips and suction cups. When the Helmet spots an evil-doer, it lands on his head and promptly sucks the evil critters out of his brain…a lobotomy of sorts. So, when you’re contemplating dropping that wrapper or flicking that smoke, you better look over your shoulder.”

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Julien Vallee

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French Canadian designer Julien Vallée has kept busy with his unique combination of design and hand generated dimensional typography. His titles for OFFF Paris bear his unmistakable mark and personality.

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Oh-so-hot-right-now Julien Vallée, just keeps gracing the design world with his unique brand of low-fi paper-folding French awesomeness.

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Illustrative 08

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I am really really digging this piece created for the Illustrative 08 exhibition by Julien Vallee. Really really clever. The more of Vallee’s work that I see the more completely taken I am. He just keeps getting better and his work is so strikingly original.

You can learn a little more about Illustrative 08 here.

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Raking Leaves in the Wind

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Eve Duhamel was kind enough to write in about what sounds like could be a really interesting show featuring some really exciting designer/artists.

The show is titled, ‘Raking Leaves in the Wind’ and here are the details:
New exhibition opening October 29th at 7pm in Berlin at Create Berlin (Wallstrasse 16, 10179, Berlin). The show is a collaboration between Eve Duhamel and fellow artists and designer Julien Vallée and Brent Wadden. It will feature past and new work including drawings, paintings, installation and videos.

Thank  you Eve and good luck at the show.

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Lulien Vallee

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Very nice work in the freshly updated portfolio of Julien Vallée.

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