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There is some really fantastic design work in the portfolio of Moving Brands. Totally awesome if I may dare say. Be sure to click the ‘work’ link at the top and then get into it.

All about Moving Brands:
“Moving Brands is an independent brand and digital agency with offices in London, Tokyo, Zurich and San Francisco. At a time of rapid evolution across business, culture and technology, we help our clients to create, transform and refresh brands for a moving world.

Our approach provides brand and digital strategy, brand identity, and brand expression for an array of digital and print media. Clients work with us on global brand transformation programmes, individual digital and print projects and everything in between.

Through our work we create new ways for brands to connect with people, and people to connect with brands. Technologies and processes are very important here, but everything we do starts and ends with people.

At the heart of our work is a belief that brands should be as dynamic and relevant as the company, service or product they represent. Businesses grow every moment of every day — so should their identities and their communications”

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