BVD: Updates

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BVD has recently updated their website and portfolio with some absolutely inspiring work. It’s an equally inspiringly designed website as well.

If you can make 711 look that good. Well…

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Un.titled: Updates

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At this point you could call Un.titled a ‘classic’ contemporary graphic design firm.

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Trüf is a Santa Monica based creative studio ‘obsessed with designing better brands’. It looks like they pointed that obsession first at themselves with some excellent branding work for their own studio.

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Eskimo Creative

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Manchester based Eskimo Creative has launched a new website with some cracking new work presented in a clean and considered manner. Very English.

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Adam Hayes

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There is a lot of well-branded, on tone and fun illustration work in the portfolio of the talented Mr. Hayes.

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Gary Swindell: Updates

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It’s been a long time since I dropped in on the portfolio of brand designer Gary Swindell. He’s kept busy and continued to build a portfolio of work that would make any graphic designer salivate. The work is rich, classic, bold and beautiful.

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Nike 78: Revamped

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The Nike 78 project has been updated and features some fresh new artist interpretations of the iconic Nike shoe. It’s an interesting project featuring some exciting and intelligent artists and speaks volumes about Nike’s ownership of it’s brand. Advertising agencies take note.

The above video is one of the older projects by ANSWR but it’s still one of my favorites.

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I am Always Hungry: Updates

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I and I am sure a lot of you too have kept track on the work of I am Always Hungry for a while now and they finally updated after a very very long time and it’s a meaty update to be sure. There is lots of good work in their portfolio and it looks like they haven’t had to go too hungry lately with the amount of projects they have been working on.

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Build: Updates

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If you are a good little designer then you have no doubt been inspired for a long time now by the work of Michael C. Place and his studio Build. He is a well established brand in this tough business we find ourselves scraping away at and he has consistently put out solid work for so long now that he almost makes it look easy. Build has recently updated with more minimal and downright beautiful work for print, branding and web and like usual it is well worth a look.

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Berger & Fohr

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“Berger & Föhr is a Boulder-based multidisciplinary design Studio. We practice cohesive visual communication characterized by modernism, minimalism and the search for objectivity. We employ a comprehensive methodology emphasizing clear and concise communication – to create lasting, considered work.”

Berger & Föhr is run by a friend of mine who I haven’t seen much of in the past few years. It’s been a delight to watch their transformation though and I think they are bringing a needed element to the design and advertising scene here in Colorado. Positioning themselves as they have is a smart move and they are doing well as a studio because of it. I applaud the approach and congratulate them on their recent movie and new website.

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Oat Creative

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Somerville, Massachusetts based studio Oat Creative is doing some air tight branding work with an old school eastern seaboard flair. Think yachts, fishing, good beer and finely-tuned typography and you should start to find the groove.

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Kult House: Updates

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It’s that time again to refresh your Kult House page. They have updated yet again with some notable work stretching across different media and like always it’s all very sharp.

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Character SF

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Character is a San Francisco-based, independent creative agency with a passion for launching, rejuvenating and propelling brands. Our goal is to create lasting and meaningful relationships between our client’s brand and their audience through smart thinking and intelligent design.”

I was informed that Character likes to ‘fly under the radar’ but that might be hard to do with the portfolio they are developing. It’s worth talking about as there is some strong project work represented under the Character brand.

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Aimizm: Updates

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Freelance Brand Designer Gary Swindell has recently updated his immaculate portfolio at Aimizm with some beautiful new project work. It is well worth the inspirational browse.

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Ideas Factory

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The ‘Ideas Factory‘ is not big but their ideas are. They have some tight branding, typography and print work in their considered portfolio that is of course all a very classic graphic design affair.

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Berg Studio

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I know I have visited Berg Studio’s website sometime in the past but am not sure if I have posted it before. Regardless, they are a UK-based studio pumping out some solid design and branding work. They also have a nice website that features a decent sideblog showcasing what inspires their efforts.

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Yes Studio: Updates

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Yes has updated after a very long time and of course every click is rewarded with highly considered and beautiful work. They continue to inspire.

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Tappin Gofton: Updates

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The esteemed London-based design firm Tappin Gofton has updated their already immaculate portfolio with more slick, beautiful and highly inspirational project work.

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