EXPO – Family City

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Someone in the comments section on Vimeo page for this used the adjective ‘intriguing’. I am going to just go ahead and go with that one. So double the intrigue.

Director: Martin de Thurah
Edit: Adam Nielsen
Dop: Kasper Tuxen
Styling: Jane whittaker
Prod: Malene Dyhring
Music: Jonsi & Alex, Jonas Bjerre, Andreas Utnem

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N.A.S.A. – Spacious Thoughts

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It might date back a few months but it is still fun to watch Fluorescent Hill get crazy for the single “Spacious Thoughts” N.A.S.A. featuring the musical talents of Kool Keith and Tom Waits.

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Midnight Juggernauts – Vital Signs

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A friend/coworker of mine slipped me a copy of Midnight Juggernauts last album and I have been a fan ever since. They have just released this video for the single ‘Vital Signs’ from their forthcoming album ‘The Crystal Axis’ due out on May 28th. They decided to take the psychedelic route in this recent video directed by Krozm.

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Fettes Brot – Jein 2010

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Daniel Warwick directed this video for Fettes Brot which kind of reminds me of something you would have seen in the 80’s for Devo. Minus the amazing vivid color, art direction and super stylized sets of course. The whole video is pretty strange and I am not entire sure what the aim was but it is definitely entertaining.

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AU – Ida Walked Away

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Here is a really beautiful little video for the Portland band AU, for their new release ‘Versions’ that was directed and produces by Takafumi Tsuchiya (TAKOM).

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Madder Mortem

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This is from Madder Mortem’s forthcoming release ‘Where Dream & Day Collide’, coming May 10th, 2010. There is some amazing 3D animation going on here not to mention some artfully crafted matte painting.

Directed by Christian Ruud & Kim Holm
Produced by Toxic™
Concept Art & Matte Painting: Christian Ruud & Kim Holm
Animators: Frode Ekeberg, 
Morten Homleid,
 Kim Holm, Christian Lundvall, 
Christian Ruud
 Frode Ekeberg, Morten Homleid, Christian Lundvall, Christian Ruud, Lars Hauge Hoel
Compositing: Frode Ekeberg,
 Morten Homleid,
 Kim Holm,
 Christian Ruud
Editing, Online & Grading: Knut A. Helgeland
Offline Editor:
 Helge Tjelta
Music: Madder Mortem
Label: Peaceville Records

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Mia Doi Todd – Open Your Heart

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Here is the latest video for Mia Doi Todd for the track ‘Open Your Heart’. The visual feat was achieved by director Michel Gondry who continues to cement his reputation as a true artist behind the camera.

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Land of Talk – Its Okay

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Music video for Land of Talk’s “Its Okay”
Record Label: Saddle Creek

Directors: Davide Di Saro and Mihai Wilson (WeWereMonkeys)
Producer: Marcella Moser
DP: Dominic Schaefer

Exec Producer: Cherie Sinclair
Production Company: The Field

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The Flaming Lips – I Can Be A Frog

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The Flaming Lips “I Can Be A Frog”

This is the latest video from the Flaming Lips. It features a nice looking young lady in a bikini doing animal impersonations. Everyone loves animals and bikinis. Personally, I have always loved The Flaming Lips.

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Dandelion & Burdock is a design and media company specialising in moving image, interactive media, web and editorial design. They have some unusual work in their portfolio and some beautiful music videos.

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The 4500 – I am Ghost

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The effects in this video are very choice. I must admit to not being much of a fan for the song but the video merits a watch just for the VFX alone.

Original music by The 4500:

Directed by Simon Kennedy

Starring Kristian Jenkins and Jenny Evans

Live action Director of Photography, green screening Trevor Speed:

Make-up Irene Ferraro
Editing. production, post-production, effects, animation by Simon Kennedy.
Assistance from Marianna Germanos and Stefan Schultz-Rittich.

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Nid and Sancy – Kidzz

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The recent video for the Nid and Sancy single ‘Kidzz’ was directed by Little Red Robot. The video was created using still photography captured by Bronques who is known for his photoblog ‘Last Night’s Party‘.

Production Company: Little Red Robot Films

Director: Little Red Robot
Executive Producer: Seth Shukovsky
Photography: Merlin Bronques | Last Night’s Party
Lead Animator: Mike Miyalvsky
Graphic Designer: Nikita Zefman

Tools: Illustrator, Photoshop, After Effects, Final Cut Pro

Seth Shukovsky: Director

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The Big Pink – Velvet

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The Big Pink is a really interesting mash-up of musical styles. You can hear influences from all over the place in their music. If you can get through the ‘droning’ at the  beginning of the song you will be richly rewarded by the vocals. The video is expertly shot and art directed as well.

Dir- Rob Hawkins
Editor-Felix boot
Dop- Anthony Dalton
Art Dir. -Poppy Bartlett
Telecine- Aubrey at the Mill

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Jonas + Francois

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Jonas and Francois are a French (Paris-based) directing duo that are responsible for some of the more memorable music videos in the last couple years. Their roster of music video clientele includes Ed Banger Records, Kanye West, JUSTICE (the video above for D.A.N.C.E. is brilliant) and Kavinsky, among others. Several of their videos have spread like wildfire across the web in the last few months.

You can find out a little more about them at their MySpace page and if you are looking for a music video or commercial with a French creative twist they are currently repped by Caviar Content.

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We Have Band – Oh!

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Apparently, since I missed it because I am a nine to fiver, We Have Band was the talk of the town at this year’s SXSW. So let me introduce you if you were like me and have yet to hear. This is the video for their current single ‘Oh!’ directed by Tom Ellis at Last Seagull.

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Chairlift: Evident Utensil

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Directed by Ray Tintori. Will the wondrous collision of modern technology, music and visuals ever cease? I say no.

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School of Seven Bells: Half Asleep

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Really digging School of Seven Bells lately and this video just made me dig them that much more.

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Fight Like Apes – Tie Me Up In Jackets

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Directed/Produced/Shot by Eoghan Kidney

Painted by Ciaran “Corey” Crowley
Edited & Composited by Eoghan Kidney
Assistant Compositing by Lena Talena
Co-Produced by Fionn Kidney
Gaffered by Leon Giblin

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