ZeroN: Levitated Interaction Element

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When you see stuff like this you really wonder (especially as a father) what kind of crazy ass futuristic shit you’re gonna walk in on one day and see your kid doing and ask ‘whoa, what the hell is that’ and then all smart-like they’ll answer, ‘geez Dad this is the T.V. remote’ and you’ll say, ‘yeah I know, whatever’.

All jokes aside though, this levitated magnetic digital interaction system is really amazing. Brought to you from the minds at MIT of course.

“What if materials could defy gravity, so that we could leave them suspended in mid-air? ZeroN is a physical and digital interaction element that floats and moves in space by computer-controlled magnetic levitation.
by Jinha Lee, in collaboration with Rehmi Post, and Hiroshi Ishii”


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The Wilderness Downtown

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The Wilderness Downtown is an interactive video by Chris Milk that taps into Google Earth to give you a unique personal experience and interpretation of the song ‘We Used to Wait’ off of Arcade Fire’s latest album ‘The Suburbs’.

I recently heard Arcade Fire described at an advertising workshop as one of those bands that just ‘gets it’. What I think that referred to is their ability to understand that music is experiential and should be engaging. The digital environment should be embraced and used accordingly by musicians instead of being seen as a threat. Bravo for my favorite band.

Via The Denver Egotist.

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Dvein: Updates

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Barcelona based motion and interactive studio Dvein has updated with some excellent idents for SyFy along with a host of other new and exceptional projects.

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Johannes Timpernagel

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Motion and interactive designer Johannes Timpernagel has kept him self busy, flexing his creative muscles in the last few months by generating some great experimental animations. You can view them all via his Vimeo page.

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Same Tomorrow

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Same Tomorrow is the portfolio of New York City based Art Director/ Designer Adam Chang. He has some nice work for interactive and some fine examples of digital illustration in his portfolio. He is currently freelance project work.

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Dandelion & Burdock

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Dandelion & Burdock is a design and media company specialising in moving image, interactive media, web and editorial design. They have some unusual work in their portfolio and some beautiful music videos.

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Flight 404: Snake Study

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Another mind-blowing study from Flight 404.

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Kenny Kim

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Kenny Kim

A guest lecture was held at MICA last night by fresh new designer Kenny Kim. Currently working for Droga5 in NYC, Kenny is doing some really slick work for some major clients, just two years out of school! Featured above, an interactive web campaign for the new Puma shoe, Lift.

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Just when you start to think that Flash experimentation is at a standstill someone like Cartelle comes along and just has fun with it. None of it is necessarily new but that doesn’t mean playing around with it isn’t still a really great time.

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Flight 404: Solar With Lyrics

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New experimental video made with Processing from Flight 404. I love this stuff. I just find it beautiful.

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Neave Interactive Playground

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Paul Neave has relaunched his digital playground with some really beautiful work.

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Erik Natzke is an interactive artist who works to blur the lines between art and technology with a Flickr-folio bursting with colorful abstract compositions.

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Sid Lee

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Sid Lee conceives brand experiences-by creating products, services and spaces-and markets them through advertising, experiential marketing, branded content and interactive communications. Commercial creativity is how we define this novel integrated multidisciplinary approach.”

Wow, that was a bit of a mouthful. To cut to the chase, Sid Lee has one hell of a slick website and some really attention-grabbing contemporary work in their book.

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Eight Hour Day: Updates

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New website and some really slick new work in the portfolio of Eight Hour day.

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New website and a lot of work at 21-19 (once you start clicking through all of it). There is some really great stuff in there as well running the full gammit from print, motion and interactive.

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Dvein has been making some design headlines as of late and now they have a website online. Dvein is a motion and interactive studio based out of a city I am dreaming of one day residing in, Barcelona. They provide art direction, design and animation for cinema, broadcast and music videos. They are also capable of storyboarding and co-developing at the conceptual phase. They consider themselves an open minded studio in an open minded city and are down to get in on at the proposal level as well. There work shows some amazing talent and their website is also very intuitively designed.

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Seymourpowell Believes in Good Design

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Seymourpowell was founded in 1984 by Richard Seymour and Dick Powell. They are now a team of 65 strong in London. Companies seek out Seymourpowell from around the world to help them answer three basic questions: What should we do? Why do we do it? How do we do It? They provide the answers through; ethnographic user research, brand and design strategy, trends, innovation process, transportaion design, product design and development, packaging and interactive.

They are fueled by a passion for all things creative and an absolute commitment to the cause of creating better products. They believe design is about making things better. Better for people. Better for business and better for the world.

Now that is a philosophy I can get behind.

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There Is A White Void In Berlin

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White Void is an interactive art and design studio located in Berlin. Their website has an intuitive navigation that has to be seen to be believed. Awesome is the applicable word I think.

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