Jonathan Burton

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Wow is really all there is to say about the illustrative works of Jonathan Burton. His covers for Penguin books are absolutely sensational and his more traditional style is refreshing within the context of modern illustration techniques. Prepare to be inspired.

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The Casual Optimist – David Pearson

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The Casual Optimist has posted a nice Q and A with David Pearson from David Person Design on his process for generating some truly beautiful covers for Penguin Books.

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Shepard Fairey for Penguin Books

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Penguin Books has recently commissioned Shepard Fairey of Obey Giant fame to design new covers for two of their most famous titles, Animal Farm and Orwell’s 1984. They are both obvious choices for Fairey’s style and work perfectly with his message. I think if it gets kids to read it is a great thing. I was required to read both of these titles when I was in highschool and junior high. 1984 had a big impact on me and is and will remain a relevant work for a long time to come. Hopefully the visual cue and recognition of what is obviously Fairey’s design will prompt kids to at least want to own the books and eventually read them.

It would be nice to see more of this kind of thing as I think it would be a positive trend in utilizing recognizable artists and designers to create materials that help promote thought and encourage learning and awareness. There has always seemed to be a divide between what I refer to as the old guard and the young blood. I think it would be mutually beneficial to both if the best of each was represented in certain situations as to help inspire and activate today’s youth culture. It’s so hard to stay relevant with today’s youth that more of this really needs to start happening right away.

You can read a little more insight about the book covers here.

Link discovered via Kitsunenoir.

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