Penguin Red Covers

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In a collaboration with the AIDS awareness fund (RED), book publisher Penguin commissioned a team of designers and typographers to create 8 new covers for Penguin Classics. Each cover uses a quote pulled from the text. Three of the eight covers featured were designed in-house by Penguin Press, with the remaining covers created by Nathan Burton, Studio Frith, FUEL, Grey318, and Non-Format (whose cover you can see above). It’s a great project and would have been fantastic to be a part of but (if you don’t mind me expressing my personal opinion here) I had mixed feelings about the covers myself. I felt like the executions were sometimes a little off for the subject matter. Regardless, it is nice to see Penguin branching out and doing something different.

You can see all the covers at CR.

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Olly Moss Posters

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I have mentioned Olly Moss and his work here before but I was notified this week that he is the originator of the old school Penguin book cover/poster idea. He recently put up a new series of movie posters that he intends to print in that same style. To see the full breadth of his work visit his Flickr-folio here.

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Mock Penguin Book Covers

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M S Corley revised some of his favorite books as retro Penguin classics and each and every cover is a unique and inspiring work of graphic design. Good stuff.

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