IMP Awards

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The IMP Awards has amassed an impressive collection of movie posters and yes there is a lot of Photoshop going on (bring back illustration!) but there is also a wealth of inspirational work on display that finds and walks that rare bridge between art, commerce, design and popular culture.

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Alternate Universe Movie Posters

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Peter Stults was inspired by this equally fantastic series of re-imagined movie posters by Sean Hartter to push the concept even further and generate a series of ‘alternate universe’ film posters from different eras, featuring alternate actors helmed by alternate directors. It’s an incredibly fun treasure trove of images to sort through between the two and a brilliant idea.

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The art of making movie posters has gained an insatiable following lately amongst the design and illustration set and there are very few you could call masters of the genre. Akiko Stehrenberger is one of those few with a mass of drop dead gorgeous posters under her belt.

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Martin Ansin: The Mummy

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Mondo released two new silkscreened movie posters last week, one of which included this poster by our recent interviewee Martin Ansin. We were lucky enough to grab a copy but were really amazed by the detail of the illustration. Martin told us to keep an eye out for what he would be up to later this year and we were really stunned by his work for this poster. We think it’s some of his best work to date. We can’t wait to frame and hang this one.

The variant version of the poster uses actual hieroglyphs that were confirmed as accurate by a top researcher in the field. Unfortunately, both versions of the poster are sold out but you can always take a shot at eBay.

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Film on Paper

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Film on Paper has been called to my attention a couple of times in the past few weeks. It is a new website again dedicated to the art of the movie poster. It offers up a broad spectrum of work produced in that vein over the last several decades and is a pretty great mishmash of both then and now. Movie poster art is back on the rise and definitely in popular demand. Hopefully the studios will get on board and start hiring artists and designers to produce memorable artistic posters once again as opposed to a giant photo of the leading actors face that’s ready to go straight onto the DVD packaging.

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London 1888

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Again, and you will probably see more of this now that I am finally coming out of my poster collecting nerd closet here is another artist I have appreciated lately creating some outstanding posters for cult horror movie classics. His name is Christopher Ott and his storefront is London 1888. He recently hooked me up with a copy of his They Live poster signed by the director John Carpenter. I am still awaiting it’s arrival in the mail and I am going nuts waiting. It’s a brilliant poster and Ott is cranking out some fun stuff.

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Unless you have worked closely with me in the Changethethought studio or you happen to be a close family member you might not know that I am a certified silkscreen movie poster fanatic. I have recently begun living my dream of finally being able to collect Mondo Alamo Drafthouse Posters and have been on a bit of a rampage lately. I was recently turned onto the site Reelizer which pulls together some of the best fan art available and works as a good archive of what has been done in the fanart realm. There is definitely an increasing demand in this market and it’s great to finally see so many talented people emerging to create artwork around some of their favorite films.

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If you have been curious lately who has been responsible for those crispy clean movie posters with the moody desaturated imagery then you can look no further as they are the work of talented designer Neil Kellerhouse.

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Martin Ansin: Updates

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Although there are only a slight few that are new, illustrator Martin Ansin has added some marvelous illustrated movie posters to his stunning portfolio. I would kill for a copy of the above Stanley Kubrick poster. Kill.

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Grzegorz Domaradzki

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There is some really great work in the Behance portfolio of designer Grzegorz Domaradzki. I am especially loving his set of vectorized portrait movie posters.

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Olly Moss Posters

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I have mentioned Olly Moss and his work here before but I was notified this week that he is the originator of the old school Penguin book cover/poster idea. He recently put up a new series of movie posters that he intends to print in that same style. To see the full breadth of his work visit his Flickr-folio here.

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