Process Journal 4

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A new edition of Process Journal is now available. It’s become quite the publication and this edition features Browns Design, Christopher Doyle, Toko, Give Up Art, Nice Device, KentLyons, Christian Shwartz, Build, Design Project, Tonatiuh Ambrosetti, Inhouse, Tom Munckton, Marque. As well as design responses from Clinton Duncan and Kate Nielsen. Keep print alive.

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Process Journal 3

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A cracking new issue of Process Journal has hit the stands and is now available. Process Journal Edition 3 features the work and insights of 2br, Bibliotheque, Fabio Ongarato Design, Studio Newwork, Andrew Zuckerman, MadeThought, Klim Type Foundry, StudioKanna, North, Stockholm Design Lab, Büro North, Felix Lobelius and Studio Makgill. As well as design responses from Tom Crabtree (Manual) and Warren Taylor (The Narrows). It’s a damn fine looking piece of graphic design in and of itself as well.

Size: 96pp 300mm x 218mm
Production Process: 4 Colour Process Plus PMS 032U
Cover: 2 PMS Cover with Deboss
Stock: Knight Cream 120GSM page and Knight Cream 350GSM Cover

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Process Journal 2

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The second issue of Process Journal is now available (and has been for a bit, I missed the email I originally got with the announcement) and features the work of Alt Group, It’s Nice That, Studio Round, Manual, Three60, Fançois Rappo, Greg White, Modern Publicity, Artiva Design, Andreas Pihlström, Frost* Design, Claudia Klat and Gavillet & Rust. As well as design responses from Samuel Moffat (Studio Paradise) and Kris Lane (Alt Group). It looks oh-so-nice.

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Process Journal

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Process Journal – a quarterly design publication, which showcases the very best of Australian and International design. Edition One features: Re-public, 3 Deep Design, Unit Editions, Heydays, Norm, Hofstede, Spin, Kim Holtermand, Mainstudio, South South West, Kleber, Tim George and Cartlidge Levene. As well as design responses from Dominic Hofstede (Hofstede Design) and Matt Judge (Design Assembly). Process Journal is designed and produced in Melbourne Australia. ”

I received a note about Process Journal this morning and it looks like an exceptional no frills creative publication featuring some equally no frills exceptional talent. The effort that went into creating a clean and easy to navigate website to showcase Process Journal bodes well for the quality of the publication. The journal is also a featured project on the K.W.Doggget Fine Paper website.

It’s still nice to see small scale publishers taking on print against the internet tsunami. There is much to be said for holding, keeping and archiving a printed publication especially for use as inspiration within a studio’s library.

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