Curt Melo

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I am really digging the work of Curt Melo who claims he ‘didn’t choose to be an artist but he did choose to be an illustrator’. You have to think about that one for a minute because it speaks volumes as to what it means to have to draw a line and distinguish between the two in this crazy creative game many of us have to make a living at.

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Legwork: Obama vs. Boehner

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The New York Times recently approached our friends at Legwork to produce a video outlining the failed deal between Obama and Boehner. Not surprisingly Legwork’s signature style is again attracting a lot of attention. It’s official, they are on fire.

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Studio Constantine

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Studio Constantine (The Manual Electric) isn’t the name of some awesome band/album, it’s the name of an extremely talented studio responsible for some inspiring print work.

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C100 Purple Haze: Updates

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The multi-disciplinary studio C100 Purple Haze (yes you read that correctly) has kept busy and sent a note about a recent update to their website that includes a flurry of new projects. It’s an interesting body of work that stretches from more fashion-orientated editorial work all the way through snow board graphics.

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Yarek Wazul

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Simple, fun and intelligent graphic illustrations fill the portfolio of designer/illustrator Yarek Wazul. His work is tailor-made for editorial illustration as it is a quick, easy yet memorable visual read.

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Curt Melo

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Curt Melo is passionate about editorial illustration and by that he means he loves not just to create imagery for editorial use but create imagery that tells a story. He has a definite style but that style is employed to empower the image and communicate that story the end result of which is art.

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Process Journal 4

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A new edition of Process Journal is now available. It’s become quite the publication and this edition features Browns Design, Christopher Doyle, Toko, Give Up Art, Nice Device, KentLyons, Christian Shwartz, Build, Design Project, Tonatiuh Ambrosetti, Inhouse, Tom Munckton, Marque. As well as design responses from Clinton Duncan and Kate Nielsen. Keep print alive.

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Process Journal 3

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A cracking new issue of Process Journal has hit the stands and is now available. Process Journal Edition 3 features the work and insights of 2br, Bibliotheque, Fabio Ongarato Design, Studio Newwork, Andrew Zuckerman, MadeThought, Klim Type Foundry, StudioKanna, North, Stockholm Design Lab, Büro North, Felix Lobelius and Studio Makgill. As well as design responses from Tom Crabtree (Manual) and Warren Taylor (The Narrows). It’s a damn fine looking piece of graphic design in and of itself as well.

Size: 96pp 300mm x 218mm
Production Process: 4 Colour Process Plus PMS 032U
Cover: 2 PMS Cover with Deboss
Stock: Knight Cream 120GSM page and Knight Cream 350GSM Cover

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Process Journal 2

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The second issue of Process Journal is now available (and has been for a bit, I missed the email I originally got with the announcement) and features the work of Alt Group, It’s Nice That, Studio Round, Manual, Three60, Fançois Rappo, Greg White, Modern Publicity, Artiva Design, Andreas Pihlström, Frost* Design, Claudia Klat and Gavillet & Rust. As well as design responses from Samuel Moffat (Studio Paradise) and Kris Lane (Alt Group). It looks oh-so-nice.

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Sam Weber: Updates

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I am just going to come out with it and say that Sam Weber is probably my favorite if not one of my most favorite illustrators out there today. His work not only inspires me but just connects with me on some deeper level. I just think the things he creates are totally beautiful.

He just moved into a new work space in Brooklyn and is looking for a couple of people to share the space with him. He also has some new, and as always remarkable work in his portfolio. He continues to be a huge inspiration.

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Brazilian design studio Quinta-feira which means ‘Thursday’ in Portuguese are cranking out a heavy dose of graphic design for print and editorial and have managed to amass a nice body of contemporary design work. I wrote about them way back in 2008 but they have continued cranking out good work since.

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Salutpublic got in touch to let us know about having launched a new website. They have some very highly considered work for both editorial and webs in their portfolio.

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Hekuzuku is a graphic design studio located in 8064 Zurich and composed of Marlon Ilg, Jill Mattes and Simon Trüb. Hekuzuku conceives and creates products in the field of visual communication.”

Very interesting scroll of print work.

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Process Journal

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Process Journal – a quarterly design publication, which showcases the very best of Australian and International design. Edition One features: Re-public, 3 Deep Design, Unit Editions, Heydays, Norm, Hofstede, Spin, Kim Holtermand, Mainstudio, South South West, Kleber, Tim George and Cartlidge Levene. As well as design responses from Dominic Hofstede (Hofstede Design) and Matt Judge (Design Assembly). Process Journal is designed and produced in Melbourne Australia. ”

I received a note about Process Journal this morning and it looks like an exceptional no frills creative publication featuring some equally no frills exceptional talent. The effort that went into creating a clean and easy to navigate website to showcase Process Journal bodes well for the quality of the publication. The journal is also a featured project on the K.W.Doggget Fine Paper website.

It’s still nice to see small scale publishers taking on print against the internet tsunami. There is much to be said for holding, keeping and archiving a printed publication especially for use as inspiration within a studio’s library.

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Its Nice That Issue 3

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You can now pre-order It’s Nice That Issue #3 though their online Shop. The recent issue features the best from their blog in the last 6 months. Inside this latest edition are interviews with graphic design legend Milton Glaser, furniture design icon Tom Dixon, filmmaker Keith Schofield, illustrator Tom Gauld and fashion designer Sir Paul Smith. There are 42 pages of work featuring the likes of A2/SW/HK, Gregoire Alexandre, Leslie David, Christopher DeLorenzo, Anne De Vries, Daniel Eatock, Jochen Gerner, Marcelo Gomes, Charley Harper, William Hundley, Abi Huynh, Himi Kozue, Mårten Lange, Alastair Levy, Lucy and Bart, Susanne Ludwig, Livia Marin, Aakash Nihalani, Jasmine Raznahan, Isabella Rozendaal, SpY, Damjan Stanković, John Paul Thurlow, Adam Voorhes, Cardon Webb, Taizo Yamamoto.

It’s an amazingly impressive publication they have managed to pull together and terribly exciting that they have been able to wrangle interviews with some of the biggest names in the business. The pre-orders will ship March 31st and the issue officially drops April 1st. To put the cherry on top of an already large sundae, the issue also arrives with an oversized large-scale (980 x 550mm) screen print by Parra. The issue is available for the sincerely affordable price (even for Americans) of £10.00. Hot damn.

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Daniel Baer

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Swiss-born but now London-based Daniel Baer has updated his studio website with a few new and striking design projects. I am not sure if the wedding invitations shown above are one of the recent projects but they are one of my favorite pieces in his portfolio.

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Design to Forget

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Swiss Graphic designer Ramon Lenherr has some excellent editorial print work in his Behance-folio. The use of black and white on the cover above is striking.

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Artiva is a studio based in Genoa, Italy that is comprised of designers Daniele De Batté and Davide Sossi. They have some beautiful work for print in their collective portfolio.

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