Nashville & Memphis Posters

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Sasha Barr wanted to alert us to the efforts of several artists and designers dedicating some time to creating some prints to help raise money for the relief efforts in both Nashville and Memphis after the terrible flooding that has really upset the lives and communities of a lot of people in the Southern U.S. It’s a good cause to support. Even though the floods have not been receiving much coverage on either the national or international news, it was a traumatic event that has caused some terrible hardship. You can pick up posters supporting various relief efforts at Sasha’s website The New Year (the poster shown above), Wedcandy, Lift Up Nashville or give directly to or volunteer for Hands On Nashville.

Thank you for the email Sasha. We really appreciate your efforts.

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This is the New Year

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Seatle-based Sasha Barr has some really nice screen printed poster work in his portfolio at This Is The New Year. All of the posters possess a really loving touch and he isn’t afraid to experiment with different styles which is great.

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The New Year

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Sasha Barr is an illustrator/poster artist living in Seattle, Washington. He has created some really nice posters for the music industry.

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