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We just wanted to post a brief message regarding some internal news at the Changethethought studio. We are planning on releasing a lot of screen printed posters over the coming months and will be stocking our store pretty heavily over this next year. We will be sending invites out to selected illustrators and designers that have been posted to the blog to participate in themed group poster shows and releases soon.

So we are currently looking for a reliable US-based screen printer or screen printing company to handle our upcoming projects. We prefer someone who has access to a mechanical screen press since we will be doing a lot of larger format prints (24×36 inches) and the illustrations we plan on printing will be extremely detailed. So we need ultra-tight screens and consistent quality throughout the run. We hope to foster an ongoing relationship with the printer we select since we will be doing a lot of printing from here on out.

Please contact me personally at chris(at)changethethought.com if you are interested in referring a screen printer.

Also we have one more brief note to mention. We recently joined Instagram and you can follow us @changethethought.

We are also again accepting and actively seeking projects for the Changethethought production studio in branding, identity, graphic design, illustration and motion. We recently paired the studio down to a smaller boutique and can once again accept smaller budgeted projects. Contact us if you have a project you would like to discuss with our studio.

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Burlesque: Updates

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Burlesque of North America updated their website for the first time in a very very long time and it looks oh-so-nice. They are a Minneapolis-based silkscreen and poster design shop that has risen to the top by generating amazing work and bringing about some amazing artists like Aaron Horkey. It doesn’t get much better than Burlesque. Go there and spend some money.

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The Silent Giants

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Ed at Ferndale, Michigan-based design and screen printing studio The Silent Giants has been keeping me posted as to their progress and it has been nothing but progress since they started. Every update to their website and portfolio is something amazing and I am just ever-impressed by what they are doing. Some of their recent poster and packaging work is beautiful stuff.

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Iskra Print Collective

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It’s been a really long time since I have said anything about the Iskra Print Collective but in between then and now they have been busy creating some dead sexy gig posters. I would be more than happy to hang anything from their catalog on my wall.

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Boss Construction

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Andrew Vastagh, aka Boss Construction, is a one man design, illustration and screenprint show based in Nashville, Tennessee. And he just launched a new website.

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This is the New Year

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Seatle-based Sasha Barr has some really nice screen printed poster work in his portfolio at This Is The New Year. All of the posters possess a really loving touch and he isn’t afraid to experiment with different styles which is great.

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Early Griffin

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Early Griffin was established out of the love of the handmade screen printing process and also in order for it’s authors to be able to work with artists they love and admire. The posters are released in editions of 50 and series of 3 featuring different artist in each series.

There are some really nice posters here and each is a unique and beautiful piece of art.

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Iskra Print Collective

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The Iskra Print Collective is a nonprofit community space dedicated to the practice, understanding, and appreciation of the printmaking arts. The studio collaborates with artists on small- and large-scale printing projects and engages the broader creative community by hosting open-house exhibitions and educational and informative workshops. Iskra believes in the power of print to communicate, influence, and inspire.”

There were just so damned many awesome posters it was impossible to even choose one as a reference image. Great source of inspiration.

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Angry Blue

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There are just so damn many awesome posters at Angry Blue. So damn many.

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