Telegramme Studio

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There is some lovely print and poster work in the portfolio of UK studio Telegramme. If you are a gig poster aficionado there is a healthy dose of inspiration on display.

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Talk Seek

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There is a tongue and cheek kind of a thing happening in the portfolio of David Ryski AKA Talkseek whose father was a firefighter. His love of skateboarding, music and street art apparently diverted him from following in his father’s footsteps.

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David DAndrea

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David D’Andrea’s work harkens back to a simpler and more intricate era of poster design gone by. He takes the time to craft some intricately detailed illustrations that make each poster he creates a genuine piece of art.

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We Three Club

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We Three Club is the work of Alex and Chris White both educated in the UK with degrees in Fashion and Fine Art respectively. The have a fully loaded arsenal of classic poster work in their portfolio. It’s all oozing a sharp personality that draws influence from psychedelic poster art past, 80s skate graphics and Chicano Folk art with just the right amount of fashion sense.

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I gotta say that Landland is quickly becoming one of my favorite poster-makers. Their work just kind of came out of nowhere (at least to me) in the past year or so and everything they release just gets better. It’s genuinely artistic work and it really stands out in the poster scene.

About Landland:
“Landland is a very small graphic design & illustration studio in Minneapolis that was started by Dan Black, Jessica Seamans & Matt Zaun in the spring of 2007. We had all been making things for quite a while before that, but 2007 was when we actually moved into a real studio and built the loft and the walls and a massive printing table, and learned how to install sinks and lights and all of that. Now it’s just Dan & Jes.

The Landland studio doubles as a fully-functional screenprinting shop, mainly focusing on record sleeves, posters and art prints. We make these things with computers and scanners and photocopiers and drawings and fun printing techniques and whatever we need to use to get the job done. We are also about to start publishing some short-run books and a handful of very limited-edition records. Where we live tends to get very cold, so a lot of times the only thing that makes sense is to stay inside and draw tessellation patterns or the names of bands or messed-up billboards or things that you remember from back when it was fun to go outside.”

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Aaron Bloom

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Illustrator and designer Aaron Bloom is generating some tasty gig posters that feature a strong use of typography.

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Status Serigraph

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If you are a poster fanatic like I am then you will certainly appreciate the huge archive of dropdead gorgeous prints created for some of the better bands out on tour by the silkscreening studio Status Serigraph. The prints are extremely reasonably priced too and the designs skills represented are obviously top shelf all the way.

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The Bungaloo

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John Vogl is a crazy talented local illustrator based right here in Denver, CO. He has somehow slipped my attention but I recently stumbled across his work and was incredibly impressed by his poster art. He’s got some absolutely fantastic posters for sale at both his Etsy Shop and his Big Cartel store.

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Flora Fauna World: Updates

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Flora Fauna World’s work has been at the center of a few hotbutton creative disputes in the past but despite all of that they still continue to crank out some sincerely kick ass gig posters for some great bands. They have been busy lately and their site has seen a recent update of some excellent new poster work.

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I Use Comic Sans

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Portuguese illustrator/designer Bráulio Amado’s influences are all over the map. He takes an energetic, humerous and eclectic approach to his work that makes for an interesting portfolio browse. I didn’t see comic sans used anywhere though.

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Tyler Stout: Updates

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Poster designer and illustrator Tyler Stout has still been cranking out the goods lately. I would kill for a copy of his ‘The Thing’ poster. I recently saw a copy of it hanging in the bedroom of Robin Williams character in ‘World’s Greatest Dad’. His recent poster for the Black Keys looks pretty sweet and will no doubt sell out like the rest.

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The Heads of State: Updates

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Philly-based design studio/poster-making shop Heads of State have updated both their website and portfolio with new work. The site is exactly what it needs to be as well letting the work speak loud and clear for the studio.

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Scott Campbell: Updates

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New Orleans based designer Scott Campbell has recently been updating his growing cache of gig posters with some classic new additions. He takes a simple approach that makes for a rather timeless appeal.

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Jacob Escobedo

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Scroll down down down and down to see the primarily music industry related design and art direction work of Jacob Escobedo including a very nice project for Broken Bells.

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Iskra Print Collective

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It’s been a really long time since I have said anything about the Iskra Print Collective but in between then and now they have been busy creating some dead sexy gig posters. I would be more than happy to hang anything from their catalog on my wall.

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Scott Campbell

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Scott Campbell is a graphic designer, illustrator, printmaker, and musician working and living in New Orleans, LA. After spending his early 20’s learning various printmaking techniques at Louisiana State University and Penland School of Crafts, he devoted his time to teaching himself screen printing, recording and playing music all over the country, and working on print projects within the music & entertainment industry.”

You may recognize some of his work as he is also one of the founding members of Chattanooga, TN print collective Young Monster.

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Santiago Uceda

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Illustrator Santiago Uceda has some very nice hand drawn style screenprinted gig posters in his portfolio that you could be proud to hang on your wall.

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Dan Stiles

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Poster artist and graphic designer Dan Stiles is based in Portland, Oregon and has been at it for the last 15 years.

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