Nike 78: Revamped

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The Nike 78 project has been updated and features some fresh new artist interpretations of the iconic Nike shoe. It’s an interesting project featuring some exciting and intelligent artists and speaks volumes about Nike’s ownership of it’s brand. Advertising agencies take note.

The above video is one of the older projects by ANSWR but it’s still one of my favorites.

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Hort – Calle

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Hort has posted a new project for soccer (football damn it) brand Calle. It is apparently part of a larger rebrand but has begun with a shoe called ‘Favela’. They designed a slick shoe box, the bottom of the shoe itself as well as a promotional poster. I definitely wouldn’t mind picking up a pair just as a collector’s item.

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It’s not all that often that I write about clothes, shoes or fashion that strikes my fancy. I am not paid to endorse anything on this site so when I do mention something in the fashion arena, it’s because it’s something that I would wear. The minimal scaled down to the essentials approach of sneaker-makers Cipher are really easy on the eyes. I would feel pretty damned cool sporting a pair. Love that velcro.

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CLAE Shoes

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Clae is regarded as the pioneer of the ‘athleisure’ footwear movement. Clae launched in 2001 with its hybrid collection combining the comfort of a street-ready sneaker with classic footwear styling resulting in a new kind of casual. The brand was awarded the Sportswear International Fashion Award (SIFA) for ‘Best Men’s Footwear Collection’ in 2003. After a brief 3 year incubation, they have returned with some new cult classics and revamped models.

If you like to keep your clothing simple, timeless yet stylish, Clae is a strong contender in the shoe department. You can purchase their wares directly from their website.

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