Shan Jiang Now at Shotopop

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One of my favorite illustrators Shan Jiang, formerly of I Love Dust has since moved into a new partnership at Shotopop. His presence can be immediately felt on their recently updated website where they are now showcasing some of his best feats of illustration. He is no doubt a loss to I Love Dust and a powerful gain for Shotopop.

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Shotopop: Updates

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London based studio Shotopop have added a few new bits and pieces since I last dropped in. I not only like what they are doing, I like how they are doing it. They take a unique approach to every project and aren’t afraid to go out on a limb.

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Shotopop: Updates

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London based studio Shotopop has updated both their website and portfolio with some exciting new work. Shotopop works out of a shipping container on the shore of the river Thames. They definitely position themselves in a unique fashion and I could see how working out of a shipping container would influence that mindset.

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Although this is the first I have written of their creative exploits, Shotopop has updated their site with new hotness. Shotopop is Casper Franken and Carin Standford dabbling in the art of design, illustration, shiny, tingly, wispy moving imagery.

Wait through the load times because there is some interesting work to look through.

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All Of Me

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“All of Me” is the first video from the prodigious South African talent, Chris Chameleon’s latest album, Made Available. The video is a collaboration between Brighton based Shotopop and the nice people from WIZZ in Paris. Designed and directed by Shotopop and produced by WIZZdesign, the video features an array of paper sets, a mass of paper cut-outs, some careful hand held camera work, and some nifty 3D touches courtesy of the skilled hands at WIZZ. The result is a mix of mediums, minds and techniques all tied together to form an emotionally charged visual journey set to a hauntingly beautiful vocal performance.

It is with great pride that we present to you “All of Me”.

Shotopop is represented by WIZZDesign in France
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