Terminator 2 Poster Release

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Mystery Box has teamed up with James White of Signal Noise fame and Tom Muller AKA HelloMuller to release two posters for the sci-fi action movie to end all sci-fi action movies Terminator 2. Both posters feature each designer’s unique approach to the subject matter and either/or can be purchased here. Both posters were printed by Burlesque of North America so top quality is insured.

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Signal Noise

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James White has a kind of super new age tech pop thing happening in his work that he fully embraces, aggressively markets and is damn good at making it a lot of fun to look at. In a way he has commanded that style from the onset much as Scott Hansen of ISO50 cornered his own little retro new-age niche. He just recently arranged some of that glowing candy imagery into a site that grabs you right from the first page of thumbnails.

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