Obery Nicolas

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There are some absolutely wild black and white digital collages in the Behance portfolio of French designer and illustrator Obery Nicolas. The imagery is very interesting and different from a lot of what I’ve seen lately.

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Wojciech Pijecki

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Polish illustrator Wojciech Pijecki utilizes photos that he dismantles, illustrates over and totally re-imagines to generate some striking imagery that is lush with detail. He outlines the process on how he creates some of the imagery at his Behance portfolio.

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Rumin Sessions

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I am not entirely sure who this person is but they sent me an email about their experimental work on the Tumblr blog under the name Ruminsessions. Apparently this is personal and experimental work but there is some tasty eye candy ready to be gobbled up.

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Celebrities as Regular People

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Photographer Danny Evans took it upon himself to put Photoshop to use on some notable and recognizable celebrities in order to realize what they may look like without access to the best plastic surgeons on the planet not to mention the kind of capital required to keep those surgeons busy for a lifetime. The end result is pretty amusing. You can read a little more about the project at Fast Company’s design section.

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I Love Dust: GE Future Folklore

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I Love Dust (still one of my all time favorite studios) was nice enough to email me some of their recent animation work for GE in Asia. The spots are anchored by the concept of Ancient myths colliding with the technology of today. The spots were directed by Golden Wolf and produced by ilovedust for GE China via TBWA SHanghai.

I was surprised to discover a lot of this work is being animated directly out of Photoshop which is something we’ll be looking into this year as a studio for sure.

Thanks for the email Ingi. I sure hope to visit you in the UK someday soon. Keep up the amazing work I Love Dust. You guys continue to inspire.

Client: GE China
Production co: ilovedust
Director: Golden Wolf
Creative Director: Ingi Erlingsson
Producer: Ant Baena
Design: Ewen Stenhouse
Animation: Ed Barratt, Felix Massie, Roly Edwards
Effects Animation: Tim Whiting
Additional animation and Compositing: Bill Elliott, Ross MacDowell, Alex Fernandez
CG Modelling and Animation: Henry Purrington, Thomas Purrington
Backgrounds: Ewen Stenhouse
Storyboards: Ken Cheung
Sound Design: Box of Toys

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Andaur Studios

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Okay this is always the kind of thing as a designer/illustrator in my 30s that kind of freaks me out a little bit but Andaur Studios is the work of  a 17 year old self-taught, multidisciplinary freelance Art Director, Digital Artist and Graphic Designer located in Santiago. Yes I said 17.

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Rik Oostenbroek: Updates

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Canadian pop illustration and Photoshop wunderkind Rik Oostenbroek has updated with a flurry of neon-colored coolness. His ‘next level’ series pays an homage to the glory days of video gaming and has been rippling through the blog stream for good reason. It looks amazing.

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Depthcore: Updates

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I’ve been following Depthcore for inspirations sake now for several years. It appears they’ve recently updated the look and feel of their website. It looks great and it’s even easier now to peruse some of the inspiring work that regularly appears within their thematic ‘chapters’. The piece above is from the recent chapter ‘Time’ and was created by Pavel Sabelnikov.

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Julien Pacaud

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Julien Pacaud generates some strange but interesting image collages. They are highly staged and have a bit of a ‘Monty Python’ twinge to them.

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Android Jones

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My friend Mike Walters turned me onto the bizarre Photoshop compositing work of Android Jones. It’s a heavily-layered affair that would no doubt put a crunch on your machine. His work has sparked some interest as of late and he may actually be exhibiting here in Denver soon. Keep an eye out. I would imagine it would be something else altogether to see his imagery in print.

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Rob Shields: Update

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Digital illustrator and pixel pusher Rob Shields has updated with some striking new imagery. It’s a touch darker than some of his past work but his technique is getting sharper and imagery more interesting.

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Adam Spizak

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London based illustrator Adam Spizak makes some flat out crazy shi*. His use of digital illustration and what looks like potential drawings that are later treated almost as photos to produce high-energy and vividly colorful images is inspiring. You can view his work at both his Behance and personal website.

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No Pattern: Updates

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Chuck Anderson AKA No Pattern has posted a large update to his website and he is still managing after all these years to bring in big name clients with his now patented rainbow motion glow digital photo manipulation/illustration work.

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Boogieman Media

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There are some straight up crazy psychedelic collages happening in the Flickrfolio of Boogieman Media. I mean lightening, aliens and just outright craziness.

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Onrepeat: Updates

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Portuguese designer illustrator João Oliveira has updated his site once again with several glowing electro-pop examples of illustration, design, collage and typography. It’s always a fun browse through João’s portfolio.

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Signal Noise

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James White has a kind of super new age tech pop thing happening in his work that he fully embraces, aggressively markets and is damn good at making it a lot of fun to look at. In a way he has commanded that style from the onset much as Scott Hansen of ISO50 cornered his own little retro new-age niche. He just recently arranged some of that glowing candy imagery into a site that grabs you right from the first page of thumbnails.

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Desktopography 2010

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It’s always worth popping in on Desktopography from time-to-time for inspiration’s sake and there have been some nice new additions lately. There are some new images up since I last dropped in and I was happy to load up on some new options for the ole desktop. Aside from being a cool place to grab some images to decorate your machine, it’s also a nice outlet for designers and illustrators to experiment with new techniques in Photoshop and create some imagery they might not otherwise have a reason to.

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Trendy digitally collaged and composited eye candy can be found in the portfolio of Russian designer/illustrator Sergey Vlasov and I do like me a little of that sort of thing from time to time especially when done right.

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