Poster Aid Controversy

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Writer John Pavlus has asked a question that has sparked a healthy debate amongst the design community over the creation of postera to spark aid for disasters and has used James White’s (Signlenoise) recent poster which raised $7,000 for charity as the crux for his argument. It’s caused quite a stir if you scroll down the read the comments, and to be honest we have struggled so far with what the right reaction to our concern over Japanese crisis should be as a studio. We thought about creating a poster but immediately felt mixed emotions about doing so for the very reasons Pavlus raises but we also see the positive in creating something that inspires people to give who otherwise would not. It’s an interesting debate. What do you think?

We decided probably the best thing we could do was just post a link to donate to charity which you will now see to the right of the blog until we think it’s the right time to take it down.

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Signal Noise

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James White has a kind of super new age tech pop thing happening in his work that he fully embraces, aggressively markets and is damn good at making it a lot of fun to look at. In a way he has commanded that style from the onset much as Scott Hansen of ISO50 cornered his own little retro new-age niche. He just recently arranged some of that glowing candy imagery into a site that grabs you right from the first page of thumbnails.

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James White

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James White is a talented designer from Halifax Canada. His work has been compared to Scott Hansen, AKA ISO50. Although I personally think his work is pretty original. He has multiple places to view his work although it doesn’t appear he has his own site yet. You can view his work on Flickr here and his skull sketch series here. The skull series is fantastic. I am a sucker for skulls.

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