Chris von Szombathy

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Chris von Szombathy is a visual & auditory artist/producer, designer and writer residing in Vancouver, Canada. His work deals with modern social, visual and economic culture, with a focus on referencing pop culture products, advertising, character design and sound. His artistic background is within abstract forms of painting, communicative graphics/logos and conceptual art and is also strongly influenced and informed by his 15 year struggle with acute agoraphobia.”

Chris’s work is a simple, iconic critique on modern society that is sometimes disturbing and other times hilarious.

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Vancouver based, motion graphic, motion comic book artists and post-production studio Sequence have updated with a new website and new work. The site itself is slick but the work is even slicker. Prepare to be impressed.

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Surreal Sushi

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Surreal Sushi is the concept art and illustration of the extremely talented Vancouver based Jeff Simpson. His proficiencies are in Photoshop CS2 and Wacom intuos which seems to insinuate that most of his work is probably digital which is pretty amazing considering how tactile it all feels. I am always a little in awe of illustration work created this way.

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Christopher Allen is a Vancouver-based graphic designer. He has some nice work in his portfolio. Ironically Allen is my middle name so I am a Christopher Allen too. Second side note, someone told me this week that women outnumber men 4 to 1 in Vancouver making Chris Allen a much luckier man than I.

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There is some fun stuff in the portfolio of Vancouver-based Beauhouse.

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Designer Eli Horn of Arecraft sent me an email a couple weeks back that I am only now answering by posting his website and work. Apologies for that Eli. He is a very young man at only 21 years of age but his work exudes experienced talent beyond his years. He is a recent graduate of the IDEA Program (Illustration/Design: Elements & Applications) in Vancouver, Canada. I posted a link about their graduate event around a week ago.

Eli currently lives in Vancouver and is in the market for freelance or full time work. I doubt he will be a free agent for long. His interests range from print to interactive all the way to furniture and environmental design. He embraces concept as the cornerstone of any good project and believes that work grows from the idea outward.

They teach them well at IDEA.

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Idea 2008 Grad Show: Putty in Your Hands

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The 2008 graduating class of Vancouver’s IDEA [Illustration/Design: Elements & Applications] 3-year diploma Program will be having their graduation show on April 14th. The school centers on programs in communication design and applied illustration. The program has been recognized for high job placement success and strong career relevancy. In shorthand, the students come out of school very well prepared to jump right into a career in the design and creative industry.

As of the scheduled show date of April 14th there will be 26 new designers and illustrators ready to hit the slippery creative ground running. You can check out their site which features profiles and portfolio selections of each graduate at:


The site is very well designed and there is some equally well designed and thought out work in the portfolios of these young graduates. I was impressed.

Site and campaign credits include: Identity Travis Collier, Interactive Eli Horn, Motion Travis Collier, Eli Horn, Tyler Quarles.

Discovered via Computerlove.

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