Justin LaFontaine

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Justin LaFontaine is a full-time designer at Veer and also recently began working for Corbis. He has some really beautiful print work utilizing airtight typography.

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Cameron Moll Letterpress Poster

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Cameron Moll’s letterpress poster featuring the edifice of the Salt Lake Temple is really extraordinary. Unfortunately the print is already sold out but may be reprinted. Regardless, it is worth checking out just for the sake of inspiration. The work is absolutely beautiful and it is the kind of image that was crafted out of sheer patience and love for typography. It had to have been incredibly difficult to create but the end result is really stunning.

This letterpress poster was handcrafted character by character over the course of roughly 100 hours. Characters from the Bickham Script Pro, Engravers MT, and Epic typeface families form the edifice featured in the artwork, the Salt Lake Temple. Additional detail photos available at Cameron’s Veer Portfolio.

Each poster measures 16″x24″ and is printed on Crane Lettra Pearl. Letterpressed by Bryce Knudson of Bjørn Letterpress in Provo, Utah.”

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