Beast Pieces

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If you are a letterpress fan (and we are) then you will admire the work of Minneapolis based letterpress studio Beast Pieces. They are consistently cranking out some gorgeous work for clients all over the map and their name is spreading far and wide because of it.

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Jessica Hische

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Jessica Hische has finally printed her entire Daily Drop Cap project as 8 inch by 8 inch letterpress posters.  You can purchase one at a time for $40 bucks a piece or the entire alphabet for $2,000. They are absolutely gorgeous works of typographical art and she really out did herself printing all of them as letterpress posters. It’s a genuine way to appreciate her efforts in a timeless format. I’d love to purchase the letters to spell ‘changethethought’ but dare say we probably couldn’t afford the price tag at the moment.

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Friends of Type Posters

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Aaron Carambula, Dennis Payongayong, Erik Marinovich, and Jason Wong from Friends of Type have printed and released their first series of beautiful letterpressed posters that combine to create the statement ‘always play amongst friends’. The posters look amazing and you can see more detailed images at For Print Only.

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The Cloudy Collection

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Letterpress printer David Huyck assembles a group of selected artists once every 3 months to create a series of letterpress posters around a theme. The recent batch that is fresh off the press is about patterns and is titled Repeat/Repeat. Artists and designers Will Bryant, Dustin “UPSO” Hostetler, David Huyck, Mike Perry, Heather Ross, Julia Rothman, and Bob Staake created the recent series of posters. A portion of sales from this series will go to The Nature Conservancy. It’s a great little project and you could do much worse for some nice wall art around the studio or home.

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Birks and Birks

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An old friend of mine has recently started a letterpress printing company here in Denver called Birks and Birks. They are already producing some attractive work. I first took notice over this summer when they completed a print for my amazingly talented friend Mike Scarano’s entry into Artcrank (which you can see above). I can personally endorse B&B’s services having worked with them in the past. I know they are committed to the finer details of the letterpress craft. I am hoping to complete a project with them in the near future.

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Alan Kitching & Celia Stothard

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Eye Magazine has a nice little overview of a show currently taking place at Advanced Graphics. The show is titled ‘Celebrating 20 years of New Letterpress Prints’ and serves as a tribute to the work and partnership of letterpress typographers Alan Kitching and Celia Stothard. You can read more about the show and see more of the sincerely stunning letterpress posters created for the exhibit at Eye.

Eye also has a nice little Flickr page where you can see the prints at a larger scale.

You can also visit the Advanced Graphics website to see more imagery from the show by clicking below:
Celebrating 20 years of New Letterpress Prints
Alan Kitching & Celia Stothard: The Typography Workshop
19 November – 19 December 2009

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Cameron Moll Letterpress Poster

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Cameron Moll’s letterpress poster featuring the edifice of the Salt Lake Temple is really extraordinary. Unfortunately the print is already sold out but may be reprinted. Regardless, it is worth checking out just for the sake of inspiration. The work is absolutely beautiful and it is the kind of image that was crafted out of sheer patience and love for typography. It had to have been incredibly difficult to create but the end result is really stunning.

This letterpress poster was handcrafted character by character over the course of roughly 100 hours. Characters from the Bickham Script Pro, Engravers MT, and Epic typeface families form the edifice featured in the artwork, the Salt Lake Temple. Additional detail photos available at Cameron’s Veer Portfolio.

Each poster measures 16″x24″ and is printed on Crane Lettra Pearl. Letterpressed by Bryce Knudson of Bjørn Letterpress in Provo, Utah.”

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Sycamore Street Press

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Looking for some letterpress or stunningly beautiful screenprinted goodies for the Holidays? Sycamore Street Press has got you covered and then some. Really beautiful prints and really reasonable prices.

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I Am Still Alive

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I Am Still Alive

I Am Still Alive is a design studio based in Brooklyn, NY. Their website is set up very webblog-esque, documenting works in progress and more, fully equipped with an online storefront. What draws my interest most is the large collection of letterpress work. A lot of it features clever and witty writing, as well as high-detail compositions.

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On Paper Wings With Douglas Wilson

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Douglas Wilson keeps it old school fluttering On Paper Wings with fantastic letterpress prints. Wilson is a multi-disciplinary graphic designer, photographer, art director and instructor living in Springfield Missouri. He loves the tactile nature of paper, paint and photographs. He loves travel, culture and color. He has visited 19 countries on 5 continents in the past year. He is a graduate of Missouri State University where he received a BFA in Graphic Design and a minor in Art History.

He also wishes graphic design was easier to explain to his mother. I share that sentiment with one exception, it’s my father who doesn’t quite understand what I do.

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Ross MacDonald

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You know the internet is just amazing. It has brought everything out of the woodwork. I post something to this blog almost every single day and after a while you think for sure you must have seen it all by now. Well, today I discovered Ross MacDonald. All I can say is, “amazing”. The man does everything. He creates absolutely gorgeous spot-on letterpress posters. He paints, and draws smart, stylistic yet classic illustrations. His interests have even lead him to amass such a large quantity of vintage reference materials that his library has even been requested for use as movie props. He really has done a little bit of it all and his illustrations have graced the pages of almost every imaginable periodical.

So go, quickly, to his website and be inspired by something you definitely haven’t seen yet.

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