Classic Design Wallpapers

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Network Osaka was kind enough to assemble a nice little collection of computer wallpapers utilizing some classic examples of modern design with some heavy-hitting favorites like Josef Müller Brockmann. I am rocking one of them on my screen right now as I type this.

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Ctt for Poolga

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I had almost forgotten entirely that I sent a couple images to Poolga a long long time ago for their ongoing free iPhone wallpaper project until I saw the above image posted on someone’s blog. If you haven’t yet visited Poolga, please do because aside from being just a really cool project offering up a nice bag of freebies, it is also a great source of inspiration for design, art and illustration as it now features a pretty impressive list of some really great artists, illustrators and designers.

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Zune Wallpaper Gallery

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Zune has reached out to some very talented artists for their wallpaper series. There is some inspiring and interesting work to be found there.

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Well, if you plan on buying one of the 3G iPhones as I do, you will probably be looking for ways to customize it. One small way is with wallpapers. If you are one of these people then Poolga has got what you need to get your fix.

Poolga is a site devoted to iPhone wallpapers that are created by some big named designers and illustrators. The greatest thing about them is that they are all free to download. So go get some.

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Format Mag – Wallpapers

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I received an email from Format Mag today stating that they have just released over 70 new wallpapers with the Sneaker Wallpapers II Collection and the Issue 40 Anniversary Collection. The Issue 40 collection includes pieces by 123 Klan, Bigfoot, Cole Gerst, Jeremyville, MCA, MWM Graphics, Quickhoney, and many more.

Each wallpaper is available in 1600×1200, 1280×1024, and 800×600. These recent additions bring the total count of sneaker and artist wallpapers at Format to over 150.

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