Classic Design Wallpapers

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Network Osaka was kind enough to assemble a nice little collection of computer wallpapers utilizing some classic examples of modern design with some heavy-hitting favorites like Josef Müller Brockmann. I am rocking one of them on my screen right now as I type this.

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Network Osaka Again

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You just have to hand it to Network Osaka, he just keeps giving you a reasons like this to stay tuned in to his particular channel in the Flickr Photostream.

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Network Osaka

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Network Osaka has had some really amazing design work out there on Flickr for a while but finally launched an official website today, which is cause for small celebration in my opinion. I love everything in the portfolio. Fantastic work.

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Network Osaka Free Font

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Network Osaka has released a nicely designed free font called Alpha. You can download it here. Expect a full site launch soon. Still some great work to browse through in the Flickr-folio though.

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Network Osaka

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I am really liking what is happening in the Flickr folio of Network Osaka.

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