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Gif shop is kind of a cool little app for your iPhone that allows you to make animated gifs via the camera in your phone and then publish them quickly. If you are infatuated by the animated gif medium it’s a great way to experiment with it. It would be cool to see someone do an entire stop motion animation with it that lasted more than just a few frames. I could imagine if done right you could probably generate something pretty cool. You can watch the how to above and find out more at gifshop.tv.

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YouWorkForThem For Fun

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YouWorkForThem took a little break recently from posting new items to their storefront and working on studio projects to have a little fun and play. They designed some simple posters utilizing fonts from their storefront then submerged them in water and photographed them. You can see the end result in their Behance folio. You can also download them as iPhone Wallpapers. The lingering question is if they will print them as posters, and if they do I would definitely be interested in purchasing a couple. I am a big big fan of Black Slabbath and it’s one of the few recent out-of-the-box fonts that really delivers when used as a display face. I still manage to sneak it into a lot of client projects.

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iPad Unveiled

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After the internet technosexualsphere almost busted a collective nut, Apple finally unveiled their latest creation today and it’s called the iPad. And no, it’s not a feminine hygiene product. It’s basically a giant iPhone using the touch technology that has given Apple the ‘must have’ buzz it has needed to reach record sales this year. Strangely, stock dipped immediately after the unveiling. The price tag is so far set at $1000 dollars with software that is somewhere between a typical Mac OS and an iPhone OS.

Here is a little blurb from Engadget:
“It’s a half-inch thick and weighs just 1.5 pounds, with a 9.7-inch capacitive touchscreen IPS LCD display, and it’s running a custom 1GHz Apple “A4″ chip developed by the P.A. Semi team, with a 10-hour battery life and a month of standby. It’ll come in 16, 32, and 64GB sizes, and it’s got the expected connectivity: very little. There’s a 30-pin Dock connector, a speaker, a microphone, Bluetooth, and 802.11n WiFi, as well as an accelerometer and a compass. The device is managed by iTunes, just like the iPhone — you sync everything over to your Mac.”

Read all about it at Engadget.

UPDATE: Apple has made the device available already through their website. The 16GB introductory price starts at $499 topping out with Wi-Fi + 3G for $829.

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Ctt for Poolga

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I had almost forgotten entirely that I sent a couple images to Poolga a long long time ago for their ongoing free iPhone wallpaper project until I saw the above image posted on someone’s blog. If you haven’t yet visited Poolga, please do because aside from being just a really cool project offering up a nice bag of freebies, it is also a great source of inspiration for design, art and illustration as it now features a pretty impressive list of some really great artists, illustrators and designers.

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Senator In Your Pocket

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This is pretty well done. Go here my friends to get your own Senator in your pocket.

Via The Denver Egotist.

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Well, if you plan on buying one of the 3G iPhones as I do, you will probably be looking for ways to customize it. One small way is with wallpapers. If you are one of these people then Poolga has got what you need to get your fix.

Poolga is a site devoted to iPhone wallpapers that are created by some big named designers and illustrators. The greatest thing about them is that they are all free to download. So go get some.

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3G iPhone

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Well, it’s official. Steve Jobs announced the release of the 3G iPhone this afternoon. They will be available July 11th starting at the much lower price of $199 for the 8 gig version and $300 for the 16 gig. It’s a tough jab for early adopters and one more reason I refuse to buy anything that first comes off the Apple production line no matter how fantastic. I will however, be picking up this new version of the iPhone next month. I am happy I waited.

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