Birmingham-based Tak! has been around a while and used to have a really over-the-top almost inexplicable experimental website that was a lot of fun to explore. Since then they have grown into an established creative agency with an impressive roster of clients. They symbolize the new wave of agencies that seem to function more as a team defined by creative collaboration versus a group of employees working as cogs spinning in a deadline machine. It’s a trend that I think has a lot to do with how the internet has opened the communication lines between creatives and allowed us to consider relationships and methodologies the were not-so-long-ago entirely inaccessible.  I think it is a positive shift and a microcasmic experiment in how business with work in the future.

In that vein Tak! functions as a team of designers, art directors, programmers, illustrators, photographers and film makers. They believe in the power of an idea and that power is the culmination of of their client interaction driving their desire to always keep thinking. They live and breath design and believe good design is about choosing the appropriate look and feel for the given project at hand. In other words, style where style is due. A good note for young designers, myself included. They also work to communicate simply and not overshadow the communicative transaction with over saturated style keeping usability and functionality top of mind.

Their website is also a testament to how this new wave of agencies is administering their culture to the end user and potential client. Tak! has a great blog full of fun and inspirational content that doesn’t read like a PR effort. The site overall has a friendly and honest tone that really makes you feel like you are engaging personally with their agency.

Good stuff. Thumbs up on this one.

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