This recent video for VHS or Beta was based on an original concept by Pixelfucks.

Director Graham Hill explains:

“Pixelfucks is a tumblr that was started early last year by a couple friends of mine as a diversion from their day jobs. The band saw the animated gifs and loved the aesthetic for the song. Pixelfucks then approached me and asked me to do the video.

Starting with the lyrics as a jumping off point, I knew we wanted to show the impacts and memories a relationship leaves on you—a physical representation of feelings. The question then was how to most simply visualize this and still push that odd off-kilter feeling in the imagery. Since it’s an age-old story, I decided to strip away all the context around our main characters and shoot only the essential elements on either a black or a white background.

So, after splashing blue paint all over the actors and squeezing them into a variety of skintight green and blue costumes, we took the footage and hammered out an edit. Using that edit as the foundation, we ran it through a crafty combination of keying, tracking and roto. Finally, applying a judicious mix of psychedelic patterns and color, we eventually arrived at the desired proportion of offbeat images and story.”

Full credits here. Via CPLUV.

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