Alma Matter

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Imaginary Forces alumni Brian Mah, James Anderson and Kathy Kelehan have joined to form the new motion and broadcast production studio Alma Mater based in Los Angeles. Considering their ‘Alma Mater’ good work will no doubt be swinging out their door.

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Purity Ring: Belispeak

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This is the latest single and official video from the album “Shrines” coming out July 23 (UK)/24(US and Canada). Gotta wait a day U.S. Deal with it.

Commissioned by Jamie Kohn Rabineau (larkcreative.tv)
Executive Producer Candice Ouaknine
Directed by BREWER
Produced by Matt Paley and Adam Hirsch (sainteliotandco.com)
Shot by Jackson Hunt (jacksonhuntdp.com)
Production Design by Erin Thiele

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Helio Vega

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Madrid-based motionographer Helio Vega has returned to the freelance world and recently posted an updated reel. His work is still looking pretty fresh and he’s showing little signs of stopping.

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PSYOP: Updates

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The almighty deacon of motion design and now live action, PSYOP have updated their site and reel with several new works and of course the imagery is sharp, amazing and beautiful as always. They continue to be a source of inspiration for fledgling shops like ours.

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Networked Society: On the Brink

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As the world may end with a whisper rather than a bang, so has this remarkable networked era seemingly appears as if it was always there. Beautifully shot short film from Ericsson.

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Reseau Ferre de France

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Paranoid finally puts the tilt-shift technique to good use or at least a commercial use for this amazing TV spot. Now why didn’t I think of that? Damn.

Annonceur : RFF Agence :W / ATJUST Directeur de la Création: Thomas Stern – Ivan Pierens Directeur Artistique FILM: Ivan Pierens Concepteur-Rédacteur FILM: Thomas stern Réalisateur : Thierry Poiraud Responsable Annonceur : Christophe Piednoël- Thierry Jankowski, Anne Le Garrec Responsable Agence: François Lamotte – Grégoire Weil Production : Paranoid Production 3D : BUF

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The Alphabet 2

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“The Alphabet 2- a horn book video experiment – is a developmental spelling – video where each character visually represents the meaning of the word itself. Playing with different techniques and materials into little and big spaces, but always focusing on Helvetica font’s proportions. A collection of words in a delightful spelling-video.”

Direction / Postproduction / Sound Design
Alessandro Novelli

Design / Animation / Set Design
Andrea Gendusa / Alessandro Novelli

Additional Animation and Set Design
Mario Arcadu

Giulia Arantxa Novelli

Thanks To:
Alina & Michela Dettori, Bianca Novelli, Federica Patitucci, Caterina Pecoraro, Stefano Tore

music track:
Fréhel “Tel qu’il est” 1936

n9ve web site

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Nerdo for IDN

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IdN Video v18n4 OPENING TITLE from NERDO on Vimeo.

Here’s what the Italian Motion Design studio Nerdo had to say about their recent project for IDN that involved a pretty eye-catching mashup of live action and 3D:

“One of the world’s most important design magazine gave us the opportunity to create the dvd opening titles for the outcoming issue ‘IdN Video v18n4’.

We had total freedom to give birth to a video without any restrictions, experimenting with techniques that we never used before.
It was a huge effort in a short time but we had a lot of fun and we learned so much.”

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VHS or Beta: Breaking Bones

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This recent video for VHS or Beta was based on an original concept by Pixelfucks.

Director Graham Hill explains:

“Pixelfucks is a tumblr that was started early last year by a couple friends of mine as a diversion from their day jobs. The band saw the animated gifs and loved the aesthetic for the song. Pixelfucks then approached me and asked me to do the video.

Starting with the lyrics as a jumping off point, I knew we wanted to show the impacts and memories a relationship leaves on you—a physical representation of feelings. The question then was how to most simply visualize this and still push that odd off-kilter feeling in the imagery. Since it’s an age-old story, I decided to strip away all the context around our main characters and shoot only the essential elements on either a black or a white background.

So, after splashing blue paint all over the actors and squeezing them into a variety of skintight green and blue costumes, we took the footage and hammered out an edit. Using that edit as the foundation, we ran it through a crafty combination of keying, tracking and roto. Finally, applying a judicious mix of psychedelic patterns and color, we eventually arrived at the desired proportion of offbeat images and story.”

Full credits here. Via CPLUV.

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Think Creatively

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This Is It thinks creatively in this bizarre but lovable piece titled ‘Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared’ (but I rather liked the ‘Think Creatively’ bit) that mashes up Sesame Street with live action, puppeteering, motion design and 3D. This is art people. Full credits here.

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Digital Kitchen: 2011 Showreel

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In the world of CG, motion, FX, 3D, editing, live action and just all around broadcast/digital production awesomeness, Digital Kitchen reigns supreme. Taco supreme. Nachos supreme. Chocolate supreme. Whip cream supreme. Velvet supreme. Dream supreme.

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Google Adwords – Thank You

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“AKQA San Francisco asked PostPanic to help create a unique 10th anniversary thank you film to more than 1 million Google AdWords clients worldwide. The agency’s idea was to individually address each of the clients by incorporating their company name in the film visuals. PostPanic took on the challenge of creating the main film which would then be handed over complete to Google’s customization agency for clients’ name integration. Director Mischa Rozema developed AKQA’s script to include a fictitious Google research department trying out ambitious experiments to feature each advertiser. A combination of live action and vfx, the footage was filmed by PostPanic in around Google HDQ in California, before being brought back for post in Amsterdam.”

You can gather up full credits for the project here.

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