Joakim Eskildsen takes absolutely downright gorgeous photographs of people from far away places some of us will never lay eyes upon. There is a lot there I can identify with after my time in the poorest state in Brazil. He captures the people as they are and their souls are laid bare in his imagery. Stunning work.

His bio: “Joakim Eskildsen was born in Copenhagen in 1971 where he trained with the Royal Court photographer Rigmor Mydtskov. In 1994, he moved to Finland to learn the craft of photographic book making with Pentti Sammallahti at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki, graduating with an MA degree in photography in 1998. His publications include Nordic Signs (1995), Bluetide (1997), iChickenMoon (1999), which was awarded Best Foreign Title of 2000 in the Photo-Eye Books & Prints Annual Awards, the portfolio al-Madina (2002), which was made in collaboration with Kristoffer Albrecht and Pentti Sammallahti, and the book The Roma Journeys (2007, Steidl).”

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