Kim Holtermand: Updates

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Kim Holtermand updates yet again with even more stunningly gorgeous photography now nestled within a new portfolio website. His work has emerged as some of the most popular on the Behance network and founder Scott Belsky is apparently a big fan of his work.

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Flydende Lava

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Flydende Lava is a multidisciplinary studio and the moniker of The Danish Design School student Daniel Siim.”

Daniel has some good stuff in there.

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Kim Holtermand – Tuve

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Photographer Kim Høltermand has updated his Behance-folio with a new series ‘Tuve’ shot at Lake Tuve (Tuvesjöen) in Sweden. We were thrilled to receive an email from him as we are huge fans of his talent and any time he points and clicks something beautiful happens. He’s one to watch as a true artist behind the camera.

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Danish motion graphics agency Magnet Visuals has recently updated with some new work. They have some slick examples of motion, 3D and animation under their belt and I can only imagine their work getting stronger in the future.

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Max Hattler – 1925

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“1925 (aka Hell) is one of two animation loops directed by Max Hattler, inspired by the work of French outsider artist Augustin Lesage. 1925 is based on Lesage’s painting ‘A symbolic Composition of the Spiritual World’ from 1925.”

This is the promised followup to 1923 (aka Heaven) by Max Hattler several weeks back. Both films were created over the course of 5 days in February of 2010 with students at The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark.

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Copenhagen-based multi-disciplinary arts and design studio Hvass&Hannibal have updated yet again with more intriguing work. Since 2006, its founders, Nan Na Hvass & Sofie Hannibal have been busy generating creative for the music, arts and publishing industries. They take a unique approach to every project they take on, the results of which shine through in their highly individualistic portfolio of work.

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Anders Clausen at Hotel

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Danish artist Anders Clausen is currently exhibiting an interesting set of collage works at Hotel about the influence of operations systems and interfaces. He is particularly interested in the notion of scrolling which I can easily identify with and would imagine you can too considering the fact you are currently reading a blog.

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At Copenhagen-based design studio Anni’s, you get your crispy clean editorial graphic design polybagged and presented neatly on a tasty green background.

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Danish motion studio, Form Troopers come storming out of the gate with a really impressive body of work and equally impressively smooth website.

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Karina Peterson

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Danish student/designer Karina Peterson has some really wonderful type experimentation happening in her portfolio.

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Hvass And Hannibal: Updates

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Hvass And Hannibal have updated their portfolio with some really great work. The above album cover was created out of 270 peices of paper printed with gradients. Stephan Lavavej shared his origami-instructions over the internet and it took the crew 2 days to create the paper ball. Pretty amazing dedication to craft.

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Thorbjørn Ankerstjerne is a Copenhage-born London-based freelance graphic designer with some great work in his portfolio for some big-name clients.

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Thank You

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Motion house, Thank You has updated with some new work.

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There is some absolutely gorgeous graphic design work in the portfolio of Copenhagen design agency Dyhr.Hagen. Absolutely gorgeous.

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There is some stellar design work for branding in the portfolio of Copenhagen-based consultancy Make.

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Benny Box

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Benny Box is a small design- and production company, working with animation, motion graphics, illustration and graphic design.

We have been working with different kinds of design for years. We started out with uninspiring work for printing 10 years ago, but are finally doing what we really love. We are most grateful for our assignments and clients, but we are still looking for new and challenging jobs. Even though we have worked in the field for 10 years we have been studying design on the side, and graduated from Danish School of Design in 2005, institute for visual communication.

We have a simple goal with all our work: To create consistent, visual environments around the products or subjects we work with.

Rune Fisker & Esben Fisker, Benny Box
(yes, we are brothers by the way)”

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Rikke Jorgensen

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Copenhagen-based illustrator Rikke Jorgensen has some attractive pen and ink work on display and ready to inspire.

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Thank You

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“We are a Copenhagen based motion graphic studio. With a subtle balance of design, animation and live action, we create commercials, corporate branding, music videos, title sequences, short films, broadcast design and network branding.”

Thank you has just been updated.

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