Coalition Of The Willing

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“Coalition of the Willing’ is a collaborative animated film and web-based event about an online war against global warming in a ‘post Copenhagen’ world.

‘Coalition of the Willing’ has been Directed and produced by Knife Party, written by Tim Rayner and crafted by a network of 24 artists from around the world using varied and eclectic film making techniques. Collaborators include some of the world’s top moving image talent, such as Decoy, World Leaders and Parasol Island.

The film offers a response to the major problem of our time: how to galvanize and enlist the global publics in the fight against global warming. This optimistic and principled film explores how we could use new Internet technologies to leverage the powers of activists, experts, and ordinary citizens in collaborative ventures to combat climate change. Through analyses of swarm activity and social revolution, ‘Coalition of the Willing’ makes a compelling case for the new online activism and explains how to hand the fight against global warming to the people.”

You can learn more about the entire project at the Coalition of the Willing website.

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Hvass And Hannibal

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Copenhagen-based multi-disciplinary arts and design studio Hvass&Hannibal have updated yet again with more intriguing work. Since 2006, its founders, Nan Na Hvass & Sofie Hannibal have been busy generating creative for the music, arts and publishing industries. They take a unique approach to every project they take on, the results of which shine through in their highly individualistic portfolio of work.

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At Copenhagen-based design studio Anni’s, you get your crispy clean editorial graphic design polybagged and presented neatly on a tasty green background.

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Form Troopers

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Danish motion studio, Form Troopers come storming out of the gate with a really impressive body of work and equally impressively smooth website.

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Hvass And Hannibal: Updates

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Hvass And Hannibal have updated their portfolio with some really great work. The above album cover was created out of 270 peices of paper printed with gradients. Stephan Lavavej shared his origami-instructions over the internet and it took the crew 2 days to create the paper ball. Pretty amazing dedication to craft.

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Thorbjørn Ankerstjerne is a Copenhage-born London-based freelance graphic designer with some great work in his portfolio for some big-name clients.

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There is some stellar design work for branding in the portfolio of Copenhagen-based consultancy Make.

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Rikke Jorgensen

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Copenhagen-based illustrator Rikke Jorgensen has some attractive pen and ink work on display and ready to inspire.

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Thank You

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“We are a Copenhagen based motion graphic studio. With a subtle balance of design, animation and live action, we create commercials, corporate branding, music videos, title sequences, short films, broadcast design and network branding.”

Thank you has just been updated.

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Hvass And Hannibal

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Hvass&Hannibal is a design and art studio based in Copenhagen, established in 2006 by Sofie Hannibal and Nan Na Hvass. We work with art and design – basically everything from album covers to music videos, graphic art, silkscreening, art direction, illustration, installation and lots more…”

I am really loving what these guys are laying down. Good stuff.

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“Established by Jacob Wildschiødtz and Troels Faber, NR2154 is a multidisciplinary design studio specialising in graphic design.”

They are responsible for loads or interesting and expertly crafted graphic design. Hey guys, got room for another coworker in Copenhangen? I have some relatives there. Just a thought.

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Joakim Eskildsen

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Joakim Eskildsen takes absolutely downright gorgeous photographs of people from far away places some of us will never lay eyes upon. There is a lot there I can identify with after my time in the poorest state in Brazil. He captures the people as they are and their souls are laid bare in his imagery. Stunning work.

His bio: “Joakim Eskildsen was born in Copenhagen in 1971 where he trained with the Royal Court photographer Rigmor Mydtskov. In 1994, he moved to Finland to learn the craft of photographic book making with Pentti Sammallahti at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki, graduating with an MA degree in photography in 1998. His publications include Nordic Signs (1995), Bluetide (1997), iChickenMoon (1999), which was awarded Best Foreign Title of 2000 in the Photo-Eye Books & Prints Annual Awards, the portfolio al-Madina (2002), which was made in collaboration with Kristoffer Albrecht and Pentti Sammallahti, and the book The Roma Journeys (2007, Steidl).”

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There is some really nice work in the portfolio of Copenhagen-based design studio Designbolaget.

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Klon2: Christoffer Hald

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Christoffer Hald is a 29 year old Graphic Designer from Copenhagen. My grandmother immigrated from Copenhagen to Denmark when she was 13. I still have several relatives there that I have never visited. It makes me sad as I hear it is one of the most wonderful cities in the world.

I digress. Hald currently works at Re-Public where he is very happy. He loves Photography, music, belgian ales, coding in Flash, typography, art and the nostalgia of his Commodore 64.

You can see his loves in his work and the interesting way it is displayed at his site. He has a lot of clean and inspiring typography in his portfolio and you get to see it all large and in color.

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Danish Homework

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Jack Dahl established Homework in 2002 from the beautiful city where my Grandmother was born, Copenhagen, Denmark. He helped put a face on the international men’s fashion magazine He. Since then he has worked with Self Service magazine and Work in Progress advertising design studio (Paris) on some of todays leading fashion references including Jil Sander, Prada, Pucci, Chloé, Celine, Colette and Virgin Records. His portfolio is one long study in quality design.

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