Sixpack France was kind enough to ship me a copy of a 64 page zine featuring the work of Australian Graphic Designer and Illustrator Jonathan Zawada. The copy is sitting on my desk now as a source of inspiration. The zine is titled “Can The Drummer Give Some More” and is printed on an oversized format of 24x32cm.

I am a big fan of Zawada’s work and there are some silky smooth drawings in the zine that I really appreciated. It’s an attractive piece of work and very high quality for a zine. I highly recommend checking it out if you are at all interested in Zawada’s work. It was a nice way to get my hands on something tangible that had multiple examples of his unique artwork in a large format on heavy paper.

You can purchase the zine here for 25 Euro and check out more of Zawada’s work at his personal website.

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