This Year I Will Try Not To

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This Year I will Try Not To was born out of frustration, complacency and laziness. Most designers are seduced by design trends. They’re easy to appropriate, and even easier to imitate. The challenge is to innovate. To be new. We decided the best (and most enjoyable) approach was to identify and document the most common trends we felt we had to avoid. Before long we found ourselves with a checklist of DON’Ts and a new aim: to try to be new. We may fail, but we will try.”

A little manifesto produced by Elliott Scott and Christopher Doyle.

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Sixpack France was kind enough to ship me a copy of a 64 page zine featuring the work of Australian Graphic Designer and Illustrator Jonathan Zawada. The copy is sitting on my desk now as a source of inspiration. The zine is titled “Can The Drummer Give Some More” and is printed on an oversized format of 24x32cm.

I am a big fan of Zawada’s work and there are some silky smooth drawings in the zine that I really appreciated. It’s an attractive piece of work and very high quality for a zine. I highly recommend checking it out if you are at all interested in Zawada’s work. It was a nice way to get my hands on something tangible that had multiple examples of his unique artwork in a large format on heavy paper.

You can purchase the zine here for 25 Euro and check out more of Zawada’s work at his personal website.

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Pie is a New Zealand based quarterly creative newspaper/zine that looks really nice and has some equally quality content to read. It’s also very reasonably priced. Inspiration served.

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