Alex Trochut

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Yes Alex Trochut is still out there cranking things out. He’s put some new work up on his site since I last checked in probably over a year ago now. He still has an amazing portfolio to check out and the quality remains high. Hopefully he’s still doing well in Barcelona. I know things have been rough economically in Spain this past year.

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FFF: Chat with Alex Trochut

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The great guys at Form Fifty Five recently caught up with Barcelona based typography wizard Alex Trochut after this year’s OFFF event to talk candidly about life and design. It’s an insightful and fun little interview.

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Alex Trochut: New Website

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The golden boy of the moment, Barcelonian typographer, illustrator and graphic designer Alex Trochut has updated with several new works and an entirely new website. It’s time for an old-fashioned design nerdout and I would expect this news to sweep the creative blogosphere like wildfire this week. He’s been busy since his last update and he isn’t afraid to experiment.

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Alex Trochut: Change for the Letter

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Alex Trochut shares his processes, philosophies and ideas about design and primarily illustrative typography with Gestalten.tv for your inspirational pleasure.

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Alex Trochut: Updates

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Alex Trochut

The infinitely-talented Alex Trochut updates his golden portfolio once again! There seems to be a lot more experimenting with texture and organic form in this new batch of work – very fascinating, and hopefully a taste of more to come!

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FFF Interviews Alex Trochut

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Fellow design blog Form Fifty Five put together a nice interview with designer/typographer Alex Trochut, whom everyone has been hot on in the last year or so. They did a great job putting together the interview edit and the questions were provided by readers of a the blog.

You can visit the actual page for the interview at FFF here and see some comments from FFF readers. Great work guys and a good interview to boot. Look forward to more of this from FFF in the near future.

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Well this will no doubt be blanketing the blogosphere today, design/typographical superheroes Non-Format updated today and the star of the show in their portfolio, no doubt, is the front and back cover of their last art directed issue of Varoom Magazine. The cover was done by their new BFF, Alex Trochut who has completed some really great work under the tutelage of Non-Format. Don’t get too excited though, the update is fairly small but as always the work is hugely fantastic.

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Alex Trochut: Updates

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Well, the last and final big design news of the day is that Alex Trochut has once again updated his portfolio with exceptional design and typography work. I highly doubt I will be neither the first or last to mention this to you this week.

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Alex Trochut Updates

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The amazing typographic wunderkind, Alex Trochut has updated his portfolio with yet even more tasty pieces of delicious typography. Amazing.

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It appears the Art Directing heavy hitters Non-Format have teamed with design and typographer wunderkind Alex Trochut to take on rebranding Nike Football. That means soccer to anyone who might live within the United States.

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