Shan Jiang Interview

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Japan Cinema has posted an insightful interview with illustrator Shan Jiang that is worth a read. He’s a talented guy and a driving force behind one of our favorite studios.

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CTT Q&A: Martin Ansin

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I have been a big fan of illustrator Martin Ansin for some time now. For the uninitiated, Martin is a Monteviedo, Uruguay based illustrator  who has been cranking out some amazing work for both commercial clients and the famed Alamo Drafthouse. His most recent print completes the Mondo director’s series for Guillermo del Toro depicting Ansin’s rendition of the director’s first film ‘Cronos’ and drops tomorrow morning. So it seemed like a perfect time to ask him a few questions about his life, inspirations, location and signature style that poster fans can’t quite seem to get enough of (myself included). It’s our first interview here at Changethethought and hopefully one of many. We have several of his prints hanging in our studio so we couldn’t wait to catch up with him and hear all about how he does the amazing thing he does.

Click more to read our full Q&A session about Martin’s life, times and work along with some images of his amazing work. Be sure to click the images as they are much larger than normal to see the amazing detail in his work. Continue reading »

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10 Questions: Mario Hugo

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London based creative design agency Mat Dolphin sat down with 10 questions for one of their favorite designer illustrators (and he’s one of mine as well) Mario Hugo. It’s a quick, candid and personal interview that should offer a little insight into the personality and process that lies behind the work of Mr. Hugo.

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Sam Green – Interview

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Creative writer Matthew Newton has a great interview up with Sam Green at the moment. He’s one of my favorite illustrators and has been from since he started. He’s an interesting character and seems like a cool guy as well. Newton is doing an amazing job with the interviews at Cpluv and checking back to his column is always a good idea for the design and illustration-inclined. It’s nice to see a serious journalist taking the time to highlight some of our industry’s more unique talent.

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1-2-1 Jeff Staple and Futura

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Founder and Creative Director of Staple Design & Reed Space, Jeff Staple sits down and talks, no BS with internationally known graffiti artist Futura.

Anecdotal story: Futura’s studio is really close to Lifelongfriendshipsociety and last time I was there I stopped into his store and picked up a shirt and a crewneck sweatshirt for something like 20 bucks. Both are still two of the coolest shirts I own. Totally made my day at the time.

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Barry McGee Interview

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The Creative Lives has released a nice interview with Beautiful Loser artist Barry McGee. It’s always good to get it from the horses mouth when seeking to understand the person behind highly influential and inspirational art.

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Eike Koenig from Hort

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Here is a nice insightful little interview with Eike Koenig from Hort that was originally created for TrimarchiTV and broadcasted on Canal A.

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FormFiftyFive – Hellovon Interview

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My friends and all-around-good-guys at FormFiftyFive have conducted another interview with one of my favorite illustrators-of-the-moment, Hellovon. Although you can watch it above, you can get a little more background on the interview at FFF’s website.

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Celeste Prevost: Designisfine

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Notes On Design has posted an interview with one-time-Denverite and personal friend Celeste Prevost. I think Celeste was my first MySpace friend back when people still actually used MySpace. Celeste recently relaunched her personal portfolio site where she labors under the name Design Is Fine. It most certainly is under hand as well. She was by far one of the most talented young designers I had ever met in Denver and had an unbridled passion for art and design that was genuinely infectious. When she left for greener (or snowier) pastures in Minneapolis, her absence was mourned by the local creative community.

She is married to another talented Denver-expat Rob Angermuller who works under the name Lifter Baron. Rob is a fantastic talent as well. Congratulations on the recent projects Celeste. I miss you both.

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Doug Johnson Interview

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“Norman Hathaway interviews illustration legend Doug Johnson in his New York studio about the creation of his shit hot 70s illustration for the cover of The World of Ike and Tina Turner.”

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This is a cool video made by people who are experts on hip and cool things about some really hip and cool guys who make really cool stuff inside of a really cool building located in the city that is considered the mecca of cool and then those cool guys sell some of that cool stuff back to cool people who know about cool things. That is how cool is recycled.

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FFF Interviews Alex Trochut

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Fellow design blog Form Fifty Five put together a nice interview with designer/typographer Alex Trochut, whom everyone has been hot on in the last year or so. They did a great job putting together the interview edit and the questions were provided by readers of a the blog.

You can visit the actual page for the interview at FFF here and see some comments from FFF readers. Great work guys and a good interview to boot. Look forward to more of this from FFF in the near future.

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Pipilotti Rist – Interview

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Jorrit from SubmarineChannel sent me a note about an interview with Swiss video artist Pipilotti Rist who has an exhibition running at the Museum of Art in Rotterdam Boijmans van Beuningen. It’s an informative interview and you can learn more about the exhibition here.

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Don’t panic has a nice interview posted with one of my most favorite illustrators, Sam Weber. If you are unaccustomed to his work, get familiar because everything he touches turns to gold. I have been tracking his progress as an illustrator ever since he first surfaced online and he just keeps getting better. He begins his process using paint and ink but often finishes his imagery digitally. Some call him an illustrator but I am more comfortable calling him an artist. I wish I could say more because there just isn’t enough words to express his talent, you just have to see his work for yourself.

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Peter Saville: Q & A

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Here’s a nice little interview getting into what inspires the legendary designer Peter Saville from the D&AD President’s Lecture, 12 March 2009.

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Genevieve Gauckler: Interview

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Nice interview here with artist/illustrator/designer Genevieve Gauckler.

Discovered courtesy of Joyengine.

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