Jon Contino for Nike

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Illustrator and Typographer Jon Contino recently did his thing for Nike and yielded some simple yet distinct results in keeping with his signature style.

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Zatoon Apparel

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The tee shirt craze has definitely fizzled in the past couple of years from whence it reached it’s peak back around 07-08 in my opinion. There are a few brands still holding it down when it comes to graphic tee shirts but fewer are making much of an impression as they enter the overcrowded market. Zatoon is a company that caught my eye as their wares look almost nothing like most of what I’ve seen lately. The artwork for the shirts is wildly detailed and bizarre. The attention to detail is really impressive and I can’t imagine one of their tees not making an impression.

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Hydro74 Cobra Time-Lapse

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The omnipresent force in the vector art for apparel game known as Hydro 74 (who goes by Josua Smith to family and friends) recently sat down to execute a little experiment before a live drawing session at a Tradeshow. This was the end result of a little at home drawing session. Pretty damned impressive.

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Who Stole My Bike

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Who Stole My Bike is the illustration work of a Halifax, Nova Scotia-based artist who also runs a small apparel company called The Quarrelsome Yeti. He’s got some tasty doodles and full on excellent detailed illustrations in his Flickrfolio.

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LRG And CTT Update

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I am presently speaking with LRG and they are doing the right thing so far. They have extended a hand and we are working on something that spins this in a positive light for both parties involved. I can’t and won’t get into any details at this point, but when I am ready to share the entire story I will make sure you hear about it first. The great thing is that LRG has expressed real concern over this and want to collaborate to show that an unfortunate situation like this can be turned into something positive. In order to be true to the message and story of Changethethought, I would much rather there be a positive story that comes from this to serve as an example that we are a new generation capable of shaping a new creative landscape where we can work together and spread positive messages rather than fight and spread hate. That is really the true power of what the internet can help bring to our profession.

It has been an interesting week receiving emails from some very intelligent and wonderful people who read this blog. It has meant a lot to me and has strengthened my resolve to grow this site and push it to become something bigger than myself. Thank you for spreading the word this week and for the support. It’s given me new motivation and I can’t express how much I appreciate it.

I will let you know when this lands, how and where things end up.

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Beautiful Decay Summer

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Beautiful Decay has released their summer line of apparel. There are some really nice examples of contemporary design and illustration meets the tee shirt canvas but my favorite ones by far are the super simple illustrations of designer Chris Gray. Classic.

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Beautiful Decay Apparel

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Beautiful Decay has informed me that that they have a new online home for their apparel where you can not only purchase limited edition t-shirts and gear from some of the most interesting artists/designers/illustrators out there but also read interviews and keep up on just exactly what BD is up to. Its a pretty extensive site for the subject matter making it unique in that department and there are some really unexpected items in their shop.

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Zuriik Shoes

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I honestly abandoned the entire sneaker craze about a year ago and never looked back. However, Zuriik Shoes brought about a change of heart with their clean, modern and just flat out attractive shoes. Design goes beyond the printed page and these shoes are a shining example of that. I gotta score me a pair of those black joints. Haute.

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Ctt Apparel: Updates

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I put some larger images of some of my more popular apparel designs back into the Apparel section of my work portfolio. I thought people might want to see the designs at a larger scale since they are kind of hard to see on the shirts.

I am also working on a new series of posters for a local Denver band who is releasing a new 7″. There will be some updates on that soon.

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