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Wow was I impressed by everything happening at Toykyo today. I have been looking a lot more deeply into studios that I consider a model for what we would like to achieve and how we would like to position ourselves as we begin the Changethethought design studio. Toykyo is dead on as to how we would like to model ourselves. Their portfolio is as diverse and amazing as it comes. They think beyond client service producing not only merchandise that they sell themselves but also cultivating talent from other designers and artists commissioning them to produce creative goods. They serve as a great model for the modern day design and creative studio. Stumbling upon them today was a great surprise.

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Raf Vancampenhoudt

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Dutch graphic designer Raf Vancampenhoudt has a fantastic cache of poster and print work ready and available at his website just waiting to inspire you.

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Tom Hautekiet

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Belgian designer Tom Hautekiet has a great looking website and some equally good looking work in his portfolio. It’s just a fun yet simple site to browse through.

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Nick Ervinck

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Artist Nick Ervinck has posted some recent imagery from the Fantastic Illusions exhibit at the MOCA in Shanghai, China. Nick has been busy this year and his work is getting even more amazing. He has a real talent to realize some highly unusual sculpture at a grand scale and I would imagine seeing it in person is an experience.

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Eva Eun-Sil Han

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Eva Eun-Sil Han currently resides in Belgium and uses a multitude of mediums to accomplish her unusual compositions.

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Carsten Höller makes things I can hardly understand. I guess I can more understand them as objects but how he makes them and how he arrives at the decision to make them is much more a mystery to me. He has a doctorate in biology and you can see the scientific mind at work in his art. One thing is certain, everything he makes is definitely high art.

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Pam and Jenny

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Brussels-based design agency, Pam and Jenny have some really interesting projects in their already large body of work.

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Belgium-based Design Lab has a full portfolio of attractive work and a website that shows how far you can push Indexhibit. Good stuff.

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Bee Factory

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Wow, awesome Photoshop retouching from Belgium-based Bee Factory. They have some really memorable images in their arsenal.

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My Dead Pony

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Raphaël is a self-taught illustrator based in Brussels, Belgium. His work has been featured in Illusive2, IDEA design, Rockpile, Computer arts, Advanced photoshop and many other places on the web. Working under the name ‘My Dead Pony‘ he is currently represented by Alabama.pl.

You can also buy his prints here He also has more goodies available at the String Republic and T-shirts at Graniph.

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