Sergey Shapiro

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Calligrapher Sergey Shapiro has a long scroll of inspirational calligraphic typography work just waiting there to spring your mouse’s roller ball into action.

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The Art of Hermann Zapf

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“A film on the purpose and techniques of calligraphy. Presented and produced by Hallmark. Filmed at Hallmark cards during a visit by Mr. Zapf. Production manager Noel Gordon. Script outline Peter Seymour. Script editor Richard Rhodes. Camera Direction Frank Robinson. Associate cameraman Heinz Burger. Idea and direction Harald Peter.”

This is a pretty neat little slice of history.

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Legacy of Letters

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Wow, I was very impressed by this live rendering of calligraphic type by Luca Barcellona for the Legacy of Letters italian tour, organized by Paul Shaw. Gorgeous work and amazing skills. Where do you learn to do something like that?

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Yani Arabena

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I am really digging the calligraphic stylings of Argentinian typographer Yani Arabena this morning. There is something urban about them but they are accessible enough to be appreciated by people whose tastes lean away from graffiti.

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Mil3n: Updates

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Hungarian graphic designer and typographer Áron Jancsó keeps busy by continually updating with yet more and more interesting experiments in the aforementioned fields of creative study.

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Jordan Jelev

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There is some really stunning calligraphy in the Behance portfolio of the talented craftsman Jordan Jelev. It is truely type as art.

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