Aron Jancso: Upates

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Hungarian designer and typographer Áron Jancsó has recently updated his Flickr-folio with some new and very attractive examples of typographical posters. His use of color and form is really coming together and making for some very inspiring work. He’s definitely worth checking in on from time to time.

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Mil3n: Updates

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Hungarian graphic designer and typographer Áron Jancsó keeps busy by continually updating with yet more and more interesting experiments in the aforementioned fields of creative study.

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Official Classic

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Mark Zador and Attila Horvath have launched their collective outlet, titled Official Classic, as a way out of what they describe as a constrictive creative scene in order to experience the fullest extent of their ambition and ability. I think that’s a noble goal. Consequently there is some really nice vector graphics and type faces available at the site. Best of luck guys and I hope for your success.

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David Barath

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There is some really fantastic work in the portfolio of Hungarian Designer David Barath.

Here is his bio from his site:
“Born and raised in Novi Sad (YU) in 1977, DAVID BARATH has been living in Budapest (HU) since 1993. After working several years for advertising agencies as graphic designer and art director, he followed his passion for photography and became creative producer of publishing house Marquard Media. In the last seven years, he has outlined and produced several fashion and celebrity stories for various glossy magazines, while founding his own agency Visual Group. This latter is continuing its activity as a ‚company for creative problem solving‘, with David Barath as creative director, while he personally is working mostly as brand building specialist and graphic designer. He is also creative consultant of product design management company PapaMama Kollektív AB, signage producing company 321, and contemporary art gallery G13.”

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