Cristiano Siqueira: Portraits

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Brazilian illustrator Cristiano Siqueira otherwise known as Cris Vector has batched some of his past portraits for various clients in his Behance portfolio. There is some inspiring work awaiting your perusal.

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Surgery Minor

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Czech illustrator¬†Lukas Brezak has some absolutely stunning and highly detailed yet fluidly artistic imagery in his Behance-folio. It’s a lot of work and it’s a lot of fun to look at.

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Wow, we really really like this experimental typographical (numerical) collage experiment executed by German designer Kid Grandios that can be viewed via his Flickrfolio.

Simple and good.

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Kid Grandios

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There are some interesting abstract 3D renders utilizing dramatic lighting and minimal typography within the Behance-folio of German designer/illustrator Kid Grandios.

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Kliment Kalchev: Updates

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Bulgarian designer illustrator typographer Kliment Kalchev has updated his portfolio with some eye-catching new work including the above arrangement for Nike apparel.

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Stefan Chinof

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There is some downright wild type experimentation in the Behance-folio of Bulgarian designer/illustrator/typographer Stefan Chinof. He’s getting in there down to the pixel and pushing all the way into where the eye can barely see.

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YouWorkForThem For Fun

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YouWorkForThem took a little break recently from posting new items to their storefront and working on studio projects to have a little fun and play. They designed some simple posters utilizing fonts from their storefront then submerged them in water and photographed them. You can see the end result in their Behance folio. You can also download them as iPhone Wallpapers. The lingering question is if they will print them as posters, and if they do I would definitely be interested in purchasing a couple. I am a big big fan of Black Slabbath and it’s one of the few recent out-of-the-box fonts that really delivers when used as a display face. I still manage to sneak it into a lot of client projects.

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Raul Urias

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Artist and illustrator Raul Urias hails from Chihuahua, Mexico. He experiments with a wide range of styles and is adept at all of them. His work is colorful, bright and fun. You can check it out in his Behance-Folio.

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Trisec Font Collaboration

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Romanian designers Sorin Bechira and Stefan Romanu joined forces to produce the display font ‘Trisec‘. The letterforms serve as singular works of art in their own right and I can’t imagine the time invested to produce the entire alphabet.

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Bratislav Milenkovic

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Serbian designer Bratislav Milenkovic has some really nice graphic design work in his Behance-folio. I would love to have a mural here in our studio similar to what is going on here.

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Ratinan Thaijareorn A.K.A.”ISE” is a 24 year old illustrator who was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. She recently received her degree in Visual Communication Art & Design from Rangsit University and is now accepting commissions. Her fashio-inspired work is striking and her recent project for Tiger Translate 2010 features some popping color and silky smooth illustration work.

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Michal Bialogrzywy

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Polish graphic designer/illustrator Michal Bialogrzywy has a totally insane set of posters up in his Behance-folio that is guaranteed to inspire those leaning toward the vector scale. It would be nice to see these printed and available to purchase as they would make a striking series to hang on a wall.

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NIARK 1: Updates

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I was recently asked by Computer Arts to collaborate with NIARK 1 on a project for a recently released issue. I have been crunched for time lately with everything going on and wasn’t able to do it. I knew all about the French illustrator/artist/designer but I guess I didn’t realize until seeing a recent addition to his Behance-folio how talented of a painter he is. It’s a unique thing to be able to generate your imagery fluidly across digital and analog mediums and he is fully capable of doing it in style.

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Nebojsa Cvetkovic

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I am way into these drawn typography layouts in the Behance-folio of Serbian illustrator Nebojsa Cvetkovic. There is something retro about them that is hard to put a finger on (like you have seen them before) but they are oh-so-likeable and I would pick one up if they were for sale.

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Vanila BCN: Updates

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I was really pleased to stumble upon some new type arrangements in the Behance-folio of Barcelona-based design studio Vanila BCN for Nike. Super cool and candy colored work.

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Alex Beltechi

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Romanian designer/illustrator Alex Beltechi is doing some interesting dimensional type-as-image work. Yes, it is highly digital (and I know some folks don’t like that), but it is also expertly rendered.

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Jordan Jelev

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There is some really stunning calligraphy in the Behance portfolio of the talented craftsman Jordan Jelev. It is truely type as art.

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There is some fun design and typography happening in the Behance-folio of Polish designer Wallstreet. Strange name, interesting work.

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