Gmunk: Experimental Work

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A friend pointed me to the experimental work of the notorious Gmunk. If you can remember back in the day, probably a generation ago now (yeah I am that old and so is Gmunk) he was a red hot Flash designer as much as he was a motion and 3D animator. You can still see a little bit of that old skillset represented on his experimental site.

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Anatomy of a Mashup

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“A mashup is a song created by blending two or more other songs. The more complex a mashup gets, the harder it is to distinguish the parts that are being used to create what you’re hearing. This visualisation of the song “Definitive Daft Punk” by Cameron Adams dissects a mashup in realtime to show you how each of the 23 parts contributes to the greater whole.”

Super fun little project to watch. It would be great to see some more songs loaded in there maybe a little somethin’ somethin’ by Girl Talk. Just a suggestion.

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Agencynet: Relaunch

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My old friends at Agency Net have burned even more midnight oil than usual to launch a new and spectacular version of their website that now also features a view of their Manhattan office. I was there a year back or so working on the last version of Own Your C and just had the time of my life. They were responsible for co-concepting, designing and developing both versions of Own Your C. It’s a tough thing to materialize something from a concept thrown at you by and ad agency but they managed to do it brilliantly every time we called them. I can’t say enough good things about them and their staff. I made some real friends there and the owner and founder, Rich is one of the more inspiring and motivated people I have met in my life. They pour their hearts into every project they take on and take their work extremely serious scrutinizing every last detail. I wish desperately that I will have the opportunity to work with them again in the future. They are wonderful people from top to bottom (NYC all the way down to Fort Lauderdale). Hey Agencynet, give me a ring. I miss you.

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