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Gabe Re is a Denver-based graphic designer currently working for Collective Licensing where he produces graphics for snowboard and skateboard companies. Not a bad gig. I have actually completed several projects for Collective as well. They are wonderful people and Gabe is super talented. He also attended my university which is something that I rarely speak of. I attended the University of Nebraska at Kearney and majored in Visual Communication and Design. Gabe did the same and we received the same militant, typography-heavy, Bauhaus-inspired education that has allowed both of us to continue staying employed. It was an amazing place to go to school and it’s always great to see someone else out there rocking and rolling with the same pedigree.

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The illustration collective, Toy, has got some stellar illustrators under it’s umbrella. Great work. Keep any eye out and maybe put the number in the rolodex for your next project because it looks like they have to talent to deliver.

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Nel Colectivo

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NEL is a platform for experimentation formed by an evolving collective of Mexican designers. The collective, founded in 2004, serves as a channel to create and exhibit projects that focus on the conceptual and playful side of design. The organic nature of the collective allows for an ever changing pool of designers, which in turn generates a wide variety of projects that range from political statements to playful storytelling or aesthetic explorations.

The current members of NEL are Ricardo Casas (1979), Alejandro Castro (1983), Héctor Esrawe (1968), Emiliano Godoy (1974) and Cecilia León de la Barra (1975).”

Great conceptual work.

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