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Nicolas Bouvier has been an Art Director and Concept Artist since 1996 producing works for film and gaming. He currently lives in Seattle and works for Microsoft. He draws his influences from various sources and cultures which range from space, architecture, robotics and beyond.

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Six More Vodka: Updates

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Berlin-based film and entertainment illustration and concept art studio Six More Vodka has updated since I last dropped in and good God man is their work amazing. Talk about inspiring, the above image of the Hulk just blew my brain wide open. These people are truly amazing. Be sure to check out their kick ass concept work as well.

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The brilliantly named Fablog is the work of French artist and illustrator Fabien Mense. It encompasses his excellent illustration and concept work for comics and clients and it’s brimming with inspiration for those looking to dabble in illustration (like myself).

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S. MacKay-Smith

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Please let me introduce you to the wild world of the very talented illustrator and concept artist S. MacKay-Smith. It’s a little dark but the talent is undeniable.

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Calum 5

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Downright bizarre but very well rendered character 3D concept art is spilling from the mind and hand of Calum 5. It’s a strange little jaunt through his portfolio that will fill your head with some memorable images.

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Romeo Jonathan

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Roméo Jonathan is a French 3D concept illustration artist with a seriously breathtaking body of work. He derives influence from manga, japanimation and video games to help fuel his inspiration to create some truly imaginative work. Apparently he started as a Flash web designer but discovered Cinema 4D and lifted off from there.

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Xavier Barrade: Updates

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Xavier Barrade has updated his very unique portfolio of work with some new and thought provoking projects. The above image is from a self-initiated project called ‘The Book’ which is a photo book about the presence of books.

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Tuomas Korpi

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Tuomas Korpi creates some very detailed digital painting illustrations. Some of which are really beautiful works of fantasy art.

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Kerem Beyit

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Amazingly, Turkish artist/illustrator Kerem Beyit has no formal illustration training which after viewing his amazing work is almost impossible to believe. His work is gushing with talent, craftsmanship and attention to detail.

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Yu Cheng Hong

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Yu Cheng Hong is a self described ‘amateur’ illustrator, concept artist and graphic designer from Taipei, Taiwan. He may describe himself as such but his work is anything but.

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James NG

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Concept artist James NG has done some updating with some really stellar imagery being added to his already mind numbing body of illustration work.

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Veronique Meignaud

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Véronique Meignaud aka Marmotte has some really unusual and beautiful illustration work and some even more amazing concept art in her portfolio. Her site was recently updated with a really unique series posted at her homepage.

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Stefan Benchoam

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Guatemala City-based conceptual artist Stefan Benchoam emailed me today to share his work with me. I don’t usually stumble upon or see a lot of work like his and it really inspired me to look at things a little differently. Refreshing.

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Jaime Jasso

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Jaime Jasso born in 1974 In Guadalajara Mexico, since the early times I love drawing and painting
I practiced and learned watercolor, oil, and airbrushing , later I moved from comic books to illustration. I found in matte painting and conceptual art a great field to develope into , in the middle 90’s I started to practiced computer graphics and started to learn the software that’s how in 2001 I was co-founding as visual effects supervisor and art director of Metacube © technology and – entertainment, in 2001 , I got a chance to learned from many talented people as Craig Barron at Matte World Digital , nowadays I work at Blur Studio in Venice CA. where I am Digital Matte artist and Scene Assembler.”

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Mind-Blowing Digital Paintings

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Photoshop Tutorials has put together a list of 54 mind blowing digital paintings. I am usually a little skeptical of phrases like ‘mind-blowing’ but this delivers all the way. Absolutely phenomenal work here. I had no idea just how far artists were pushing this medium. Absolutely beautiful work.

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Nel Colectivo

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NEL is a platform for experimentation formed by an evolving collective of Mexican designers. The collective, founded in 2004, serves as a channel to create and exhibit projects that focus on the conceptual and playful side of design. The organic nature of the collective allows for an ever changing pool of designers, which in turn generates a wide variety of projects that range from political statements to playful storytelling or aesthetic explorations.

The current members of NEL are Ricardo Casas (1979), Alejandro Castro (1983), Héctor Esrawe (1968), Emiliano Godoy (1974) and Cecilia León de la Barra (1975).”

Great conceptual work.

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Mister MK

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Michael Kutsche is an award-winning conceptual artist, illustrator and 3d artist located in Berlin, Germany. He has worked in VFX since 98 his experience ranges from art direction, animation, design and work for music videos and film. He specializes in designing character art. He has worked for some big names in the business.

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Stephan Martiniere

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There are some spectacular drawings an illustrations in the huge body of work from concept artist Stephan Martiniere. He has an amazing talent.

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