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We are digging this series of letterforms created under the theme ‘microorganisms’ by designer and typographer Ruslan Khasanov.

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Graphic Travelling

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Self-taught illustrator François Leroy is from Paris. Although he shares a love for more traditional forms of art he has found real passion in digital illustration. You can see his work at Graphic Travelling.

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Adam Spizak

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London based illustrator Adam Spizak makes some flat out crazy shi*. His use of digital illustration and what looks like potential drawings that are later treated almost as photos to produce high-energy and vividly colorful images is inspiring. You can view his work at both his Behance and personal website.

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Designer and motionographer Dimo Trifonov emailed us the ‘he exists and this is my portfolio’. Hmm. Well he does indeed exist, has done some interesting work and here is indeed his portfolio. Thanks for the email Dimo.

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Jack Vanzet

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Melbourne based designer/illustrator Jack Vanzet has some interesting work featuring an array of ability in his portfolio. I am particularly fond of the above print and would most definitely hang it were it in my possession.

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On Repeat: Updates

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Portuguese digital designer and illustrator João Oliveira got in touch to let us know that he has just updated with a new site and a load of new electrified imagery.

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Lowpop is the work of Lille based french graphic designer and art director Baptiste Ringot. He claims to be ‘highly sensitive’ and proclaims that, ‘i never work with clients or money makers, always with human beings, collaborating to get the best of their idea, or purposing them mine.’ I like that.

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Depthcore XXXIX: Eve

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A new Depthcore pack has been released. This time the theme is ‘Eve‘ which appears to have been fairly loosely interpreted. Once again, it’s a little hit or miss but as always with Depthcore, there is a little something for everyone and there is never anything wrong with some good ‘ole art-for-art’s-sake work. Keep it coming.

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Daniel Conway

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Daniel Conway is only 23 and already digital illustrating like a pro. The piece above is really stunning. I need to take a digital painting class.

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Menno Fokma

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Wow. Strange and vivid digital illustration for motion from Menno Fokma.

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Daniel Park

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Daniel Park is an illustrator based in NYC who studied at the School of Visual Arts under the guidance of Tom Woodruff. He has some beautiful work in his portfolio.

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Depthcore XXXVII – Her

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There is a new Depthcore pack online and this time it is dedicated to ‘her’.

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Fake 3D In Photoshop

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Nik Ainley runs down a really great tutorial at Web Designer Magazine on how to generate 3D imagery through Photoshop. It’s a very enlightening read for someone who prefers to keep their hands out of the rendering engine (like myself).

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Egil Paulsen

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Egil Paulsen is an Oslo-based illustrator artist currently studying computer science. He works digitally to produce some very expressionistic imagery.

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Dan Luvisi

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Dan Luvisi is a digital artist/illustrator with an uncanny eye for detail. There is some really phenomenal work in his portfolio and you can tell each image is crafted with care by way of incredible talent.

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Mostly Wanted

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There is a new little mini-portfolio/project portfolio up for at Mostly Wanted that is definitely worth looking into. Really beautiful illustration work.

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Alberto Cerriteno

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Illustrator/designer Alberto Cerriteno has updated his portfolio which reflects that he is now focused primarily on his unique illustration style.

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Blake Loosli

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There are some really nice illustrations in the portfolio of Blake Loosli. I was amazed to find that it appears he creates these digitally as well.

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