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Andrede Freitas has a unique digital illustration style that still feels very painterly. His ‘zombie’ series of recognizable pop figures is pure genius and his work is all kinds of fun to look at.

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Trendy digitally collaged and composited eye candy can be found in the portfolio of Russian designer/illustrator Sergey Vlasov and I do like me a little of that sort of thing from time to time especially when done right.

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PSD Tuts – 110 Artworks

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PSDtuts+ has a nice listing of work from some really talented European designers and illustrators. There is a really inspiring collection of work on hand if you need to get your creative engines revving.

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Inspired-Inspirers is a place for people who inspire the world to show us who inspires them.

Every 2 weeks a new issue is released showcasing 4 new inspirers from all over the world.”

By ‘us’ they mean graphic and digital artists.

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Mind-Blowing Digital Paintings

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Photoshop Tutorials has put together a list of 54 mind blowing digital paintings. I am usually a little skeptical of phrases like ‘mind-blowing’ but this delivers all the way. Absolutely phenomenal work here. I had no idea just how far artists were pushing this medium. Absolutely beautiful work.

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