Obery Nicolas

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There are some absolutely wild black and white digital collages in the Behance portfolio of French designer and illustrator Obery Nicolas. The imagery is very interesting and different from a lot of what I’ve seen lately.

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Luis Toledo

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Luis Toledo is a Spanish illustrator with a strange layered and heavy style drawing in streams of inspiration from several different cultures. These are digital collages but I don’t think that lessens the time and meticulous attention required to both see through and arrive at something so rich.

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Miika Saksi: Updates

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One of my old image-maker favorites Miika Saksi has updated with some new compositions for various clients over this last year. There is always so much style happening in the Saksi portfolio that it is just impossible to not feel a little glamored.

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Lysergid: Updates

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Loïc J. Sattler has updated his ‘online sanctuary’ that he calls Lysergid with some sexy new work featuring attractive ladies interwoven into trippy collages. Looks like you got a little oil in your bum there sweetheart.

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Roberto Gamito

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There is some interesting digital collage work happening in the Behance-folio of Portuguese illustrator/designer Roberto Gamito.

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Mark Weaver: Updates

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Retro-inspired digital collage designer, artist and illustrator Mark Weaver has updated his website and portfolio with more of those images that are absolute candy. It is impossible not to like his imagery. I dare you to try.

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Miika Saksi: Updates

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The talented illustrator/designer, Miika Saksi has updated his website and portfolio once again. His work is very digital/collage but he still manages to retain something tactile and contemporary within his imagery that makes it very contemporary. Love it.

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