Angelica Alzona

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Illustrator Angelica Alzona likes to keep things a bit dark with moody brooding imagery that is occasionally lightened by just a hint of fantasy.

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Michael Ostermann

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Michael Ostermann is experimenting with numerous styles of illustration in his Flickr-folio including image collages and digital paintings. All of his imagery is colorful, interesting and imaginative.

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Sam Gilbey

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Illustrator Sam Gilbey has been steadily improving over the years and has managed to merge a digital approach with an analogue tactility. He is also a master at self promotion and makes sure he never manages to drop off the radar. Hence his new website complete with some new work. There is a lot to be said for being able to manage both the workflow and the self promotion and he does it with style.

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Tuomas Korpi

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Tuomas Korpi creates some very detailed digital painting illustrations. Some of which are really beautiful works of fantasy art.

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Daniel Conway

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Daniel Conway is only 23 and already digital illustrating like a pro. The piece above is really stunning. I need to take a digital painting class.

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Sam Gilbey: Updates

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Illustrator Sam Gilbey has been in touch with me on and off over the last few years and he sent word today that his portfolio has once again been updated with his unique brand of illustration style. Sam has been hard at work for a long time now and that experience shows through his craftsmanship.

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Jaime Jasso

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Jaime Jasso born in 1974 In Guadalajara Mexico, since the early times I love drawing and painting
I practiced and learned watercolor, oil, and airbrushing , later I moved from comic books to illustration. I found in matte painting and conceptual art a great field to develope into , in the middle 90’s I started to practiced computer graphics and started to learn the software that’s how in 2001 I was co-founding as visual effects supervisor and art director of Metacube © technology and – entertainment, in 2001 , I got a chance to learned from many talented people as Craig Barron at Matte World Digital , nowadays I work at Blur Studio in Venice CA. where I am Digital Matte artist and Scene Assembler.”

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