FutureDeluxe: Perth Arts Festival Reel

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FutureDeluxe created generative art and animation for the Perth Arts Festival and cut it onto this short reel.

Programming – Matt Pearson / zenbullets.com
Audio – Magnetic Man – Flying into Tokyo / magneticman.net
Agency – 303 / Richard Berney & Melissa Radman
Film & production – Radical Media / Heckler

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Subblue is the experimental generative art of Tom Beddard. He has some real mind-bending work in his portfolio and whenever possible shares the source-code from his interactive experiments. He is an ex-physicist and currently works as the technical director for the Scottish digital branding agency Tictoc Family, building Ruby on Rails based web applications.

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Leander Herzog

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I know I have seen and posted the work of Leander Herzog in the past, but I revisted his Flickr-folio today and only again realized how sprawling and truly experimental it is. Trying to just pick one image out of such a huge archive just doesn’t seem to do it all justice.

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Joshua Davis: Updates

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Longtime interactive design hero-rockstar Joshua Davis has updated his website after a very very long time. Most the the updating consists of his now signature Flash-generative artwork. He has been around the block and is still standing. You can trace him all the way back to the internet will save the world boom in the late nineties through today. I remember watching an interview with him in college and being excited by the collision of art and technology and the influence of that collision on the future of design.

The question is, how relevant is he now? I personally still like some of what he is doing, but I am curious to prod the audience here for a little feedback. What do you think of him and his work now? Is it still on the bleeding edge or has he been overexposed?

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Field: Interim Camp

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Field got in touch today to let me know that their ‘latest exploration in generative processes and abstract narration’ is ready for viewing. It is strange and wonderful. Generative art is a really interesting new vein in the body of art if you ask me. I love seeing the back and forth push between art and technology.

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